Dreamhost vs. other hosts for fast Wordpress load time


I would like to choose a host so my Wordpress site’s pages load very quickly & that when I have relevant Wordpress questions; that I don’t have a long wait to get tech support. Most hosting companies offering shared hosting seem to no longer be cramming a zillion sites onto one server so that some sites’ speed on that server get severely slowed down… probably because hosting companies now use ‘server grids’ and ‘server clouds’. Media Temple has server grids to accomodate traffic spikes. Amazon Web Services uses a “cloud” of servers to do the same. GoDaddy claims to have '4th generation servers: click on the “4GH vs The Rest” tab & notice Go Daddy claims they have ‘4th generation’ or cloud hosting and lists Dreamhost under the 2nd generation hosting.

So why choose Dreamhost?


Based on your requirements, I’d recommend wordpress.com.


You are assuming that “4GH” is some sort of standard terminology, and that it means that we’re two generations (of something) behind.

This is not the case — it’s a marketing term coined by GoDaddy.

Also, I’ve removed your referral link. Shame on you.


Isn’t it all about how the service works in the real world than the hype anyway?

Have you tested any of that against competitors?


Shameful indeed.


And he edited the link back in. Some people just don’t learn.


I’m more interested in actual load times, if anyone can provide them. But it would have to be from the same site files, the same database, the same plugins, the same versions, the same browser, repeated at different times of the day in different cities to make sure that Internet traffic issues aren’t impacting those stats.


Pingdom can do that. You’d just need to find people with accounts at different hosts who would agree to install a baseline installation… Sounds like an interesting project. Looks like this page has tried to do a similar thing: http://www.vertain.com/?pehi


Looks like GoDaddy isn’t doing so well. Nor is 1and1, which advertises a dual hosting scheme (meaning your site is on two servers at the same time).

I see that tests for two of our sites run about as fast as Apple or Wikipedia, and very few run faster. :slight_smile:


Apparently my main site is faster than Google. I doubt that for some reason.


Depends on where it’s measured. Your site is?
Also measured another site – twice. First time it was half the speed of Google. Second time it was faster. Oh well.


Dreamhost. Granted, it’s really optimised for speed and I have been known to spend a whole day or two combing through the code just to find a way to save 20ms per request. But I’ve heard/read that Google aims for an average load time of 500ms, so I don’t think the 1.7s average reported on that site is very accurate.


Not where it’s located. What the site is.


Hmmm…I see we still don’t know what bobocat’s site is, so we can check it out. :slight_smile:
Also curious that the fastest site listed on that link, DirtCheapWebServers.com, points to a company whose service has been disabled because of an alleged “fiber cut,” which probably means they didn’t pay their uplink provider.

Curious indeed!