Dreamhost VPS + MySQL server on Dreamcompute

Can I install a MySQL server on Dreamcompute and have one of my WordPress sites on Dreamhost VPS connect to it? Is this possible? Will there be a problem on connectivity / speed?

If this is possible, can you point me to a tutorial on how to create a MySQL server and make it available only to that particular website on Dreamhost VPS?



You certainly can install MySQL on your DreamCompute instance. The only thing to keep in mind is you will need to open up TCP port 3306 in your security group, so that mysql connections can come in. And of course configure my.cnf or similar config on the server side to listen to the public IP address, via the bind-address param.

As for will there be any issues, there really shouldn’t be. The only time when you may see reduced speeds is if the webserver is in our Portland datacenter (US-West) instead of Virginia (US-East), as the database traffic would then have to travel cross-country. If you aren’t sure where your systems are located you can check this page in the panel:


I tried this and found that my existing shared SQL server here was faster. Maybe because I don’t know how to optimize a MySQL server.

As JustinK pointed out, a cross-country trip would slow things down, but all my services are in Virginia, so that wasn’t the cause of my poor SQL performance.

Thanks @JustinK and @sdyman for the replies. Checked my VPS and it is on Virginia.

I actually have MySQL VPS but my Multisite install has increased its memory usage and I think it’s cheaper to give it its own MYSQL server than increasing the RAM on MYSQL VPS which is more expensive (current setting of 400MB RAM is already $20/month)