Dreamhost VPS CPUs obsolete

I just discovered that VPS is on CPUs so old they can’t run some modern software that needs AVX instructions. Try this in SSH:

cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep “model name”

model name : AMD Opteron™ Processor 4122

The Opteron 4122 was released in 2010, so ti’s 10 years old. Wikipedia article.. If you want one, they’re about $4 each on eBay.

Are all the VPS servers this antiquated? Run the command above and post what you get. Thanks.

I don’t currently have a VPS account, but I wonder if the reported model is generic/faux info for the “virtual CPU”, rather then the underlying hardware (which can change)?

Does cpuinfo list AVX as a feature? I.e.:

grep avx /proc/cpuinfo

No,it’s the real CPU. Tensorflow, which needs AVX instructions, crashes with an illegal instruction interrupt. Dreamhost support admits that’s an old CPU; newer machines have at least Bulldozer (2011) vintage CPUs.

But it turns out that I’m not on VPS anyway. I’m on “Happy Hosting”, which is shared hosting at the same price as VPS, $10/month. The web site uses different terms than the bills.

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