Dreamhost Ventrilo Plan request

Shopping around for ventrilo hosting I found most companies were offering webspace, etc with their ventrilo plans. Of course me being a dreamhost customer I wasn’t very interested in that aspect of the plan. I’m also not keen on having to open another account with a different company just for VoIP service.

Would it be vaible for Dreamhost to branch out and do a ventrilo hosting? or am I stuck going through another company? I would definately like to add it to my hosting plan if it was at a decent price.


You need a dedicated (virtual if you want) server to use ventrilo.

DH can’t get you that for now.

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Would it bother you to have to pay $15 a month for DreamHost PS service to be able to run Ventrilo? This is the fee for the PS service above your regular hosting plan fee.

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That would work, though it would probably cost more than a ventrilo host, which also offers a lot more than an 8 connection maximum. The OP’s best bet would be to either make a suggestion in the control panel or use another host.

DreamHost isn’t going to just jump up and start hosting ventrilo services because one customer requested it.
It’s a nice thought though :slight_smile:

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Whoa, I didn’t notice that they had changed the Ventrilo licensing to only allow 8 slots on the free version! It also looks like they really don’t want you to run a bigger Vent server unless you’re going to run a Ventrilo hosting service.

So, to the OP, does it have to be Ventrilo or would Teamspeak do just as well?

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