DreamHost User's Guide

Hi there,

I’m a ridiculously ignorant newbie, who has been trying to set up a blog in DreamHost. So far, I’m being completely baffled by it. I’ve been perusing the information on DreamHost Menu, Support, Forum, Wiki, you name it. And there are lots of information, the problem is you have to navigate incessantly through the links and pages, and because you haven’t learn/read a previous piece of information, you are constantly travelling from one link to another, like in a time loop. Does anybody know of a structured (i.e. progressively moving from the basics up to more advanced topics) manual/guide to navigate and use DreamHost? It could be something published within or outside DreamHost itself!


Other than the Getting Started section of the wiki:

People’s needs vary greatly, so there’s no “one size fits all” recipe. A one-click Easy Install of WordPress requires no extra steps to get a presence on the Internet.

Thanks Scott, I have been learning the basics of WordPress using a Wampserver 2.0 to “mock” my blog and see how WordPress features work. I’ve now decided to install WordPress in DreamHost using Advanced Install, so that I can use the theme I used in my “mock” blog. I hope I’d be able to install it successfully and start using DreamHost feature more effectively. That’s where the guide I mention comes into play. I agree with you, people’s need vary greatly, but a general, well structured, in one place guide could come in handy!

Thanks Gart for the bit about the Wampserver 2.0. I needed that piece of the puzzle since I’m windows at home. Do you plan to use the Wampserver to mock all your pages and then ftp up or is there some other way to do it in dreamhosting?

Hi Zwizurp,

Yes, I’ve made all the changes and additions to the WordPress theme I’m using (Simplicity) via Wampserver. Now, I’m trying to figure out the simplest way to transfer it from my Localhost (i.e. my computer) to DreamHost. So far, I have WordPress 3.0 installed in the domain hosted by DreamHost and obviously, installed in Localhost, too. The question is, can I use WordPress Import/Export feature to do the transfer? If so, would that be all (i.e. won’t need to transfer other files or images via TFP, change settings, modify other files, etc.)? Does anybody out there know? Please!

Hey Gart,
I’m sorry I can’t help as I’m even more newbie then you. Did you set up the mysql db on the dreamhost server yet? Did you set up the mysqldb through the control panel or is there another way?

How did you set up your domain? I parked mine. I’m thinking that parking the domain might have limited my One click options. I’m on the free evaluation plan so that might be the problem. Who knows? Yeah, a 5 or 6 step guide for beginners would be great. I’m sure we will figure it all out soon enough either way.

Parked domains just display the “parked” page. You can’t host anything else on them.

Set the domain to fully hosted to add oneclicks to it.

Hi Gart,

I agree with you on there should be a guide of some sort. For me, not on building a website, but how to maneuver through Dreamhost. I’ve had them for 2 years, and am not a developer, and have a hard time trying to figure it out. I keep searching different places and end up spending days trying to figure something out. Even video tutorials would be great. Seems there are lots of newbies (like me) that would like to make sure they are setting their domains up correctly, what setting up a database means, what really is mysql - I could go on.

Regarding your inquiry about migrating - I haven’t tried this yet, but know people who use BackUp Buddy from iThemes/Plugin Buddy for migrating from a localhost or from another server. I’ve only used it for backup (it is great and easy). Plugin Buddy also has other premium plugins, but here is the link to BackUp Buddy: