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Perhaps one of the things that people are the most concern about when searching for a hosting service is the uptime. I would now like to ask from the present Dreamhost customers that have you ever measured the uptime at dreamhost? If you would have to estimate it, what kind of an uptime do you get at dreamhost? 90%? 95%? etc.

I’m having 99,905 % uptime so far this month.

Obviously, the uptime is going to vary for each individual server, but I would rate the uptime of my server (‘bixel’) as very good to excellent. I have noticed a few un-announced outages since I have been with DreamHost, but these have generally been of very short duration. Usually, the server is back up before I have time to lodge a support request.


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90% would be very low, that’s more than a month of downtime a year.

If there is even 1 hour of downtime, nearly everyone will notice it.

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It depends on when and what - static web service, database, email, shell, other particular applications… One number is really too simple, and the past is no guarantee of future performance. In previous months there were network problems, and power outages. The future is harder to predict. I estimate 99.5% +/- 1.0% for December average of all services, except 85% for Support during Christmas week, but sometimes I get 110% of what I expected. :wink:

You are welcome to a refund.-Michael;Comparing ‘DH of today’ with ‘DH of old’ does not serve much purpose.-Dallas

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My sites were down or lagging at least 6 times within the past three weeks, with downtimes ranging from 1 to 3 hours per observed incident. A week ago I was moved to a new server after my fifth support call, and my insistence that no, I did not want to wait another 24 hours this time to see if there were more problems. The tech who responded to that last ticket said that the server in question (xevious) had been rebooted over 60 times in the prior 30-day period. With every ticket I reported I was told that they would begin an investigation.

Since being moved to the new server, I’ve had no stability problems at all.

So I’d say it’s really luck of the draw. When Dreamhost works, it works very well and it’s a great value. But if you end up on a bad server, you’ll have repeated problems and you’ll have to complain a lot just to make them aware that a problem exists.

How can I measure the uptime of my server? Is there a 3rd party software or a site that tracks the uptime of servers?

btw. I signed up and got my bedroom from server called fresca, any frescians here? If there are, please tell me if it is stable?

Siteuptime.com has a free version. You can track one of your domains. If there are better alternatives, please tell us. I know others, but they send some email ads…

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http://www.montastic.com/ is a free monitoring service that alerts you via e-mail when the URLs you add to it are not reachable on the internet.

Here is another one:

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