Dreamhost to reseller webhosting?

Hi I am moving over from another host and some (less technical) friends need to move too - my question is can I use a Dreamhost account and give each ‘client’ access to change their own email settings, to ftp to their website, and preferrably not see the other domains hosted in the same area?


This question comes up a lot but to date I haven’t seen the definitive answer other than suggestions that people get their own plans. Check the knowledge base for more info as it gets confusing re webid’s and user id’s.

For the low prices that DH has, they could get their own plans or you arrange it for them. Is it really worth the hassle to you to administer all those people under one plan?

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If you set up each website under a separate ftp/shell user that will separate out the ftp side of things. Using http://mailboxes.domain.com they can also configure aspects of their email accounts.

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