DreamHost supports spammers! Please Read

One of the largest and annoying email spam campaigns I’ve ever seen, and is currently discussed on the internet is being perpetrated by a company that is hosted right here at DreamHost. It’s been going on for months now and I’m sure some of you are familiar now with the infamous PDF attachment spams. The largest is from a company called EntreMetrix and they’re hosted right here at DreamHost. Don’t believe me? Look at those PDF attachments that advertise EntreMEtrix stock, then go do a trace route to www.entremetrix.com. Yep, its hosted right here and no one is doing ANYTHING about it. Hosting your site here is like setting up shop in the red light district. Beware.

This doesn’t mean spam was sent from DH.
Ans usually, with this kind of spam/scam, the company (entremetrix here) is not involved at all.

Some people just buy a lot of stock for cheap from a small company (it’s called penny stock),
then spam people to buy this stock because it grow, more and more, and after a certain time, they sold all their stock, and the value fall, but they get had a lot of gain.

DH and probably the company itself can’t do a lot against that.

Read http://spamnation.info/stocks/FAQ.html for more info

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moua has entirely the correct read on this. I think it’s great that you are trying to “go after spammers where they live”, but you really should do your research first. :open_mouth:

Well meaning or not, you didn’t state that as an opinion, but rather as a fact, so you are well advised to have your ducks in a row. It is the height of ignorance to assume that spam touting a stock is in any way associated with the company whose stock is being touted. The SEC is all over that, and I’m sure they would love to see any evidence you have to support your claim that the company is involved.

No, I don’t - at least on the basis of the information you have provided here. What makes you think that the spam is “from” the company? You’ve only established that a company that has a website has some spamming “pump and dump” manipulators touting their stock. The only evidence that is of value are the email headers, and most of those are forged (did you follow the confirmed IP addresses through the entire route?).

Where a site is hosted has nothing to do with the origin of spam referencing it, particularly with these kinds of "pump and dump stock market crooks. While it is a violation of DreamHost’s Terms Of Service for a a user here to send, or cause to be sent, spam related to their site even using another mail service, the relevant issue here is complicity. Your casual observation that the spam touts a stock offered by a company hosted somewhere is no more evidence that they are complicit in that than it is that I own a red cat.

I that the point of your post here? - FUD designed to malign a webhost (and quite probably an innocent company) designed to feed on all of our hatred of spam and spammers. I call shenanigans!

On the outside chance that you are really well-meaning and just ignorant, I’ll just say you should know something about what you are talking about before you make accusations. At the very least, report your “suspicions” to abuse.dreamhost.com or do a little technical research into the source of the spam before you go off half-cocked. :wink:


All this said, if you do believe that someone is using DreamHost services to conduct an email spam campaign, all you need to do is contact abuse@dreamhost.com with your concerns and they will investigate and act appropriately.

Most, if not all of the complaints we receive here are complaints that their policies are too strict and they need to relax their double opt-in policies or allow you to send more emails per hour by default.

I’m confident that everyone in the thread is correct and that this company is likely an innocent victim in the pump and dump campaign (or whatever other kind of stock scheme is being purpetrated), but if you do believe them to be complicit, you should direct your accusation at the aforementioned DreamHost department and also lodge a complaint with the SEC, both of who will conduct a diligent investigation or be able to advise you on the matter.

You should do this as an alternative to conducting a smear campaign, as such behavior could be construed as similar in nature to the very actions you are aghast at.

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I’m fairly knowledgeable about financial markets and have seen and read many schemes of this sort. I can’t recall a case where the company was involved in the scam. The nature of a “pump ‘n’ dump” scam involves hyping a stock that you already own a large position in–in this case via spam. The hope is that enough pigeons bite and buy the stock driving the price up (the “pump”) whereupon you liquidate your position for a healthy profit (the “dump”) and the latecomers to the party are left holding the bag.

Usually smaller micro-cap companies (eg: “penny stocks”) are targeted for a variety of reasons–there’s less third party research, less analyst coverage and a greater opportunity to fly “under the radar”. Additionally its easier to convince people to take a flyer on a stock that trades for pennies a share than shares of a larger market cap company. Additionally, they have fewer SEC reporting requirements…

Earlier this year the SEC suspended trading in a number of stocks promoted via “pump and dump” spam. Even in this case none of the companies were actually implicated in the spam campaign, though there was some investigation of the companies involved just to make sure.

Basically, its common sense–if I’m a partner in a company I might be able to make a quick killing via “pump and dump” but then I’m left running a company with a much smaller market cap. Plus, there’s almost no chance that I’ll get away with it so you’re shooting yourself in the foot left and right.

In any case, Dreamhost had no role in the actual spam nor did the company promoted in the spam. If you have evidence otherwise, call the SEC. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut unless you know what you’re talking about…

I can’t believe you even took the time to read one of the delivered PDF files.

If I don’t know who you are and don’t expect a PDF it’s not even downloaded. I let the spam pros tune the filters until they disappear.

Thanks for trying to make a difference though. Not that I’m ignoring you or disrespecting your efforts. I too have taken up shield and sword on many occasions.

Fight the good fight, but know your enemy.

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