Dreamhost supporting Neo-Nazis!

No, I didn’t say, mean or imply that. It’s something different, that disqualifies you for a further discussion, sorry - “Freedom of Speech” :wink:

So I’ll gladly assume your mother practices fellatio with arab carpet salesmen’s dogs. Sorry pal, freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech, a fine thing per se, is usually merrily brandished by whining nazis and other negationists, and generally all these folks who, given they come to rule the country, end freedom of speech as one of their first measures.

the difference is: jews arent violent. but NAZIS (not nationalists!) murdered million people and the alpen-dodel-nazis aim to murder again. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE??


lächerlicher alpen-dodel. wie du dich hier noch als “verfolgter jude äh nazi” gerierst, ist ja an lächerlichkeit nicht zu überbieten, du peinliche heulsuse.

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War eben auf der Seite alpen-donau.info, sooooooooo schlimm finde ich die gar nicht. Wenn ich mir da ansehe was auf Indymedia http://austria.indymedia.org/ oder http://de.indymedia.org/ so alles an Gewaltaufrufen steht, da ist die “Nazi-Seite” ja direkt harmlos gegen.

Da sollten sich manche die sich hier zu Wort melden mal Gedanken drüber machen oder ist man etwa auf dem “linken Auge” blind?

Mit besten Grüßen aus Linz,

Can you say that in English please?

What I tried to say is that this kind of aggression is also to find on lefty websites like Indymedia, just nobody cares about that and I was wondering why that is so.


Is it really?

Yes, it’s sad but it really is like that.

The Dreamhost Managment does not seem to be interessted in its reputation.

Alpen-Donau.info is a website which is connected to a various number of austrian right-extremist terror groups. It is prominent for publishing death threats against verious politicans.

One of its main theme are hate articles against black people, for example: http://www.alpen-donau.info/WP/2011/02/neues-von-der-irrenfront-neger-wollen-befordert-werden/

Alpendonau and its connection to terrorists: http://derstandard.at/1288659807831/Hintergrund-Die-Hintermaenner-der-Neonazi-Homepage

Reports about Alpen Donausconnection to paramilitaric exercises of terror groups: http://derstandard.at/1297819594791/Wehrsportuebungen-mit-Kameraden-aus-dem-Ausland

I have got my own server, but if I would be looking for a hoster, I would not choose a service which hosts terror web sites.

I don’t know why you people keep registering to complain about one stupid website that isn’t actually breaking any laws. There are a lot of websites out there that any number of people would find objectionable for any number of personal reasons. You have the right to have whatever web host you can pay for and put any content you want on your website so long as it is not against the DH TOS and AUP and complies with your own local laws. Its the same no matter what hosting company as they usually have similar rules for that sort of thing. DH is not unique in this standpoint. I seriously doubt any regular user on this message board gives a flying crap about any of the websites you have mentioned. Seems like every name I look at participating in this thread just registered TODAY. Give it a rest people. I had hoped this thread would be locked or deleted by now but it seems like tptb are letting freedom of speech reign free even though this topic has nothing to do with the intended purpose of the category its posted in.

Yes, you are right. Freedom of Speech, man! :wink:

Who told you this website is breaking no laws? You don’t even understand the words on it, so please don’t judge about its content! The operators of this site ARE steadily breaking laws, Austrian laws. They are nazis, made themselves liable to prosecution in several affairs - especially re-engagement in National Socialist activities, sedition and call to murder.

If you are an arabic person and call for murder to american people, you are a terrorist. If you are a Nazi and call for murder, it´s just freedom of speech. Thanks, now i understand…

I got the basic gist of that website and it doesn’t seem to be more than a political type blog. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to use google translate.

DreamHost is an American company and alpen-donau.info isn’t doing anything that goes against the rules here at DH and I seriously doubt the website is breaking laws in their local area either with the content of that website. Even if the actual people who maintain the website are being accused of breaking the law that has nothing to do with the content of the website itself.

If you do believe the content of that site is breaking Austrian law I suggest you contact your local government (if you happen to live in Austria) and report them for illegal activities and they would take it from there. You whining on the DH message boards is doing nothing but irritating the rest of us. This forum is for users to help out other users (or potential users) of DH services. Not somewhere to rant about some website that nobody cares about.

What you are doing is not dissimilar to something like trashing Mel Gibson’s fan club because he, himself, is a race hating moron. Is it true that he is so? Definitely. Is that against the law? Unfortunately it is not as he can have whatever opinions he wants to have and so can I. Take your complaints about this matter elsewhere people.

DH does not care what the owners/operators of websites do out in the real world. If they aren’t putting up content on DH servers that goes against DH policy and if they are not putting up content against their government’s local policies then they are doing nothing wrong as far as their website is concerned.

The First Amendment does not cover Hate Speeches or death threats.

[quote]Ryo-ohki wroteDH does not care what the owners/operators of websites do out in the real world.[/quote] So Dreamhost does not care about death threats and racist hate articles? Does Dh really think, that it was legitimate to earn money by providing services to terror organisations?

I didn’t see any death threats posted on that website. Admittedly I only read 10 or 11 of the blog posts and didn’t read every single thing on the entire website so its possible something like that was posted. I didn’t see any hard core hate rantings posted either. There were a few sentences calling various persons anti-fascists though.

[quote]So Dreamhost does not care about death threats and racist hate articles? Does Dh really think, that it was legitimate to earn money by providing services to terror organisations?

Again I didn’t see anything like that on there worth causing a commotion over. It just seemed like a blog site among many other zillions you can find on the web hosted by pretty much every other provider.

Also as far as what DH cares about I am certain the company cares about operating within the LAW as far as their customer’s privacy and freedom of speech are concerned. I am positive that is paramount in their concerns. They cannot arbitrarily yank someone’s website when they are not in violation of any policies. DH is a BUSINESS and as such has certain responsibilities to their customers and would not do something that would cause themselves have litigation rear its ugly head upon them.

I am sure the general tone of the website in question could be morally objectionable (nay abhorrent ) to individuals who may be employed at DH but the company itself cannot take action based on personal opinions. I’m sure those who work at cellphone companies, isps and other service providers might not be thrilled with the religious and political stance of a lot of their users. Does that mean they can cut off their services to these people? Of course not.

I am absolutely positive that terrorists and all manner of criminals use the internet, cellphone services, couriers, carrier pigeons, smoke signals and all manner of things for nefarious purposes. Does that mean those providers are responsible for the actions of individuals who use their services? Of course not. The company cannot be held liable as they are just providing a service and what people do with said services is none of the company’s business. They are not monitoring the service in that type of fashion and unless they are doing something that goes against the listed policy and letter of the law they will be left alone. I can call up some of my friends right now and rant and rave about how much I hate puppies and then go on to say the best way said animals should be skinned alive. Does that mean my cellphone would be turned off? You already know the answer to that. Cruelty to animals is definitely illegal here but that doesn’t stop me from saying whatever I want to say against cute furry little animals.

I just want to make it clear that it would not be possible for DH (or any other business entity) to care about whatever subject someone talks about on their website and do you know why? DH is a BUSINESS and not an individual PERSON therefore DH does not have ANY FEELINGS one way or the other about ANYTHING. Being a BUSINESS they have to adhere to certain business practices and operate within the LAW for the services that are provided by the company. Since DH is not a PERSON they cannot be for or against ANYTHING or have any OPINION about ANYTHING. The BUSINESS wants to provide useful web services to their customers and will not discriminate based on religions views or political agenda. They also want to make MONEY to pay their bills (and their employees) so they can keep providing said services and will operate WITHIN THE LAW to that end just like every other legitimate business on the planet.

The only thing this thread is doing is giving free publicity to some obscure website that would never have otherwise been visited by people who didn’t speak German had you not posted a link here. With your reasoning it is all of YOU who are also promoting terrorism by drawing more attention to http://www.alpen-donau.info because there is no such thing as bad publicity (and driving up their Google rankings too no doubt – shame on you). Getting the word out is getting the word out. If you were serious in your allegations about that website being in violation of DH policy you would have contacted the company itself instead of posting to a forum that’s used mainly by customers (although some of the DH staff do post to help with actual service issues we have).

Im am quite curious why a serious hoster provides service to a terrorist group.

Making money with such a group is quite unethical, hosting their stuff means supporting their fascist agenda.

First of all… If you speak any second language other than English you should know that online translators are shite and provide horrible, often meaningless results.

This proves how poor google translations are.

All BUSINESSES are constellated, led and organized by PERSONS. Businesses are not abstract money making systems, they are human. Businesses also have guidlines and principles, many of them have ethical principles. A business which is given warning about criminal activities of its customers should react.

The reaction of Dreamhost shows that this company has NO ethical principles and therefore should be boycotted.

Maybe a representative of DH can answer questions below:

the site alpen-donau.info is breaking at least austrian law. There are investigations from local-police and Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. The site was also subject in parlament, as also politicans might be involved e.g.

Further it seems, that the site is breaking the use policy of DH ( http://www.dreamhost.com/aup.html
) “Transmission of any material in violation of any Country, Federal, State or Local regulation is prohibited.” (or does country only refer to US country?)

The authorities officially say, that they are limited in their investigations and cannot turn off the website, because it is hosted in the U.S.

Did DH receive a request from austrian authorities?
If yes, why did you not take any steps?
If no - what steps will you take if you are contacted?



That are just investigations, nobody of the group was ever charged with anything.