Dreamhost supporting Neo-Nazis!

Dreamhost is hosting alpen-donau.info - which is an Neo-Nazi site operated by Austrian Neo-Nazis - and having knowledge about this fact refuses to take actions against the site or its operators.

People, please boycott Dreamhost!

This website is full of hatred - anti-semitism, Hitler-fandom and racism. And, of course, the nazi-admins of alpen-donau support violent actions against human beings.
I dont understand, who dreamhost supports this group by hosting them! Especially scince the group is full of anti-americanism too.


I’m an Austrian IT expert living and working in South France. I understand Dreamhost is currently hosting the website alpen-donau.info, which is clearly glorifiying nationalsocialism, racism, violence and hatred. The site also clearly advocates violence up to death threats against individual persons.

Please take the necessary steps to stop this nonsense.

Cheers from the sunny South of France

I second the request of boycotting Dreamhost because of offering a platform for hatred, racism and violence.

Before that I strongly urge the legal counsel of Dreamhost to have a look at alpen-donau.info and judge for yourself.

Basically, servers like Dreamhost waffle and lie about “freedom of speech” and similar nice-sounding concepts …

… but in reality they make a living off criminals and fascists, thereby supporting those nazi freaks who keep fighting against freedom AND whose idols murdered anyone who voiced even mild or humorous criticism.

It would not surprise me if Dreamhost also supported child abusers – they support criminal nazi networks, so it’s safe to assume they would also protect other kinds of criminals.

greetings from austria

please stop hosting this nazi webpage

thank you very much

its a shame that youre hosting alpendonauinfo.at - please stop it. as other users posted befor: with hosting this site you are supporting austrian neo nazis. is this what you want?

thank you from austria/vienna

Kicking alpen-donau.info of the Dreamhost servers would be a breach of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Free Speech is also a human right as you can read under article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

They have a right to express their opinion as anybody else too.

As far as I am concerned they should continue hosting alpen-donau.info as it is a perfect example why nobody should use American hosting companiesö.
Freedom of speech and expression is a great thing as long as it is exercised without hindering other people to also express their opinions and beliefs.

This is exactly the case with those Nazi-Wingnuts. First-Amendment-Criers always want to grant everybody this right to free speech - rightly so! But once free speech is used to restrict other peoples’ right to speak their mind freely there is a difference.
The difference is between the government and corporations.

According to USA doctrine the government should never step in and silence anybody. I’m fine with that because I don’t live in the US.
As a corporation (i.e. Dreamhost) I would be careful to choose who I am doing business with.

This thread is not about the first amendment, it is about a corporation choosing to do business with Nazis.

We had a “Don’t make business with jews!” many years ago, what you do now is a: “Don’t make business with nationalists!”…do you think that is better…NO, it just shows what a hypocrite you are!

See that’s the difference - I really DO think that’s better :wink:

Dear Dreamhost!

I am also from Austria and it’s really scandalous, that you are hosting this neo-nazi gang who are writing hate-articles about jues, muslims, foreigners, coloured people and everyone not “blonde and blue-eyed”.

If you do not STOP this, you obviously agree to their thinking and support their nazi-faschist mind setting.


I wonder how our free speech people here in this forum and authorities in America would react, if someone calls to “annihilate all these filthy Americans”!?

You can find many similar calls for assassination of differnt kinds of people at alpen-donau.info.


One example here:

Line 2 below the first picture: "Wir hatten ihn enttarnt und man unterhält sich auch nicht mit Kakerlaken, sondern trachtet danach dieses Dreckzeugs zu vernichten."
They refer to a person named Uwe Sailer. I try a translation: “We had exposed him and one doesn’t speak with cockroaches, but strive for annihilation of such trash.”

Propably just words written in anger because they found out that Sailer, an ex-cop, forged evidence against alpen-donau.info

He didn’t forge evidence. Read the filed complaint that is available on the net about the alleged activities of said Freedom Party member.

Oh I see what you did there… you’re one of the nazis. Nothing to see here, carry on.

No, I’m not but I can read and see…This is just a campaign against a website who is noch afraid to speak out the truth…

Oi… ha ha!!
Oops… Unmasked!

So someone who just doesn’t share your opinion is a nazi…INTERESTING!