Dreamhost support


I’m trying to reach Dreamhost support on a DNS issue. Is there an email address for them? I can’t find it on the site or panel.

I’m trying to create a CNAME record and the panel says that it already exists, but I can’t find it listed anywhere and 3rd party CNAME lookup tools can’t find it either.

Thanks for your help.


There are only two places, and they’re both web forms:

you’ll need to open a support ticket from the panel to contact them. it’s the only way unless you wish to pay more.

if you’ve just recently made changes to your DNS records, it can take hours, even a day, for the change to propagate. if you are physically far away from DH, it might take more time. i’m in NZ and I routinely have to wait 2-4 hours for a change to appear here.