Dreamhost Support


Are they on the job? My support request has been pending for 34hrs now, and there are 701 requests pending.

Anyone know what’s going on here? They are usually a lot faster than this…


how do you know how many request are before yours, dezastr?

i’ve been waiting for 24 hours now… i’m not getting a very good impresion


I don’t know how many are before mine, but anyone can see how many they currently have pending. On the contact support tab, next to Submuit a New Support Request is the pending amount.

I have received a response back from them. I think they were just a little backed up. I’ve been with them nearly a year now, and overall have nothing but good things to say about DreamHost. I wouldn’t get discouraged just yet.


Cool. Thanks.
I hope you solved all your problems.


I don’t think they can, really. I waited for 4 freakin’ days just to have them tell me that everything would be fine in a few days.

I logged in a month after and I still have the same problem. Geesh… talks about service.


Liftport.com has been hosted here for going on two + years - this is the first time I’ve had to wait ‘a long time’ for someone to return my call for help.

In retrospect, trying to do ‘new’ stuff around the holidays is never a good idea.

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[quote]trying to do ‘new’ stuff around the holidays is never a good idea.


Almost forgot that it’s Thanksgiving in the U.S. (We have it earlier in Canada). Perhaps my ticket will turn much older than the 24 hours promise (now standing at 26 hours).

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Perhaps I spoke too soon. I assumed when I received my first message from them 2 days ago, that they would be working on resolving my request. It took them somewhere around 35 hours to respond the first time, and now, it has already taken another 30 hours.

All I need is a stinking A Record added to my account’s DNS settings!

The first reply I got from them was asking if they could disable http on that domain…which I would have thought that would be already implied “yes”, but I guess not. Geez I could have done this myself if they would just allow DNS changes on CDI plans.


[quote]Perhaps my ticket will turn much older than the 24 hours promise (now standing at 26 hours).


Just an update that DreamHost support got back to me (and solve the issue) BEFORE heading for the holidays. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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I have been VERY disappointed with the support. I am happy with the features and the speed… but if the support keeps going this way, I may have to look elsewhere for service and take up their 97 day offer. Most companies give less than 24 hour turn around some (like my previous host) is several hours WITH phone support.

Please rectify this soon.


Hi Koldark,
it’s clear from the admin postings in these forums that DH is very much aware of the situation and they have already begun doing something about it. They say it takes a while for the changes to really help (training new staff and such).

I have very rarely needed support that was urgent but when you do, it’s really bad when they don’t perform well. DH is very honest about the 97-day guarantee so if you decide to leave, I’m sure you’ll have no problems. I hope for you that everything will be cleared up before you take that step – to save yourself the trouble of moving (again).


I too have noticed Dreamhost’s slow support.

At times, they would answer my question within 24 hours…


I understand that it takes time for support staff to be trained. I LOVE all of the features of Dreamhost. I believe I will stick with them for now. My problems did get resovled… it was a problem on my side (like usual). It was a learning how things work problem.