DreamHost support won't even respond to me. HELP!


I have been requesting technical support now for 36 hours and DreamHost has not responded. Apparantly there was an issue with ACH payment for the $9.95 annual charge, and my payment got rejected by my bank for some reason. I didn’t receive any grace period or notice that there was a problem. Instead I was notified that there was a problem with my payment and that my account is disabled. The email instructed me to contact billing through the system. I have done that three times now and nobody will respond to me. I want to pay the $9.95 and whatever return charge they want to charge me! My business website has been down for days now and I cannot get anyone to respond to my attempts for help. I received an automated email response stating that my ticket was opened and I would be contacted within 24 hours. Well it is going on 48 hours and still nothing. PLEASE HELP ME! I AM LOSING BUSINESS WHILE MY WEBSITE IS DOWN. I am now considering moving my business elsewhere if this is how I am treated. I cannot even locate a phone number. HELP!


Not good!

You can contact Dreamhost at http://dreamhost.com/contact.cgi


Still no word from them. I am completely at their mercy. My business site is down now three days. This is completely unacceptable.