DreamHost Support not the same as it used to be?

I’ve been a happy DreamHost customer for over 10 years, with Dedicated, Shared, and Cloud accounts. I don’t ask for help much from support, but when i do, its always tried to solve my problem on the first ticket.

Recently I’ve had an issue with mysqldump on my dedicated server. I just get permission denied right out of the gate, regardless of parameters passed. I sent the command like snippet, showed command and response, and I get back a generic response pointing me back to the knowledge base article on mysqldump. Obviously I read that before I submitted the ticket. So I try again, pasted in the command, again, and I get back a response that is just a copy and paste from the knowledgebase article. So now I try a third time. I’m not hopeful.

Has the support changed? Is it outsourced to India now or something? It seems like there is zero effort taken to understand the problem, let alone solve it. I remember in earlier days, when you submitted a ticket for support, it had a drop down for how knowledgeable you were about the issue your asking for help with. That seems gone now.

I pay a premium to DreamHost for the rare times I want support help with something. If this is how its going to go, I might as well go it alone on AWS.

I agree. What is going on! I have been trying to contact someone for 3 hours and so far, no contact, no chat, no replies! May be time to look for another hosting company.

Two of my websites are not working. No help, no chat, no phone number to call. Looks like I need a backup hosting company

Google says there’s a virus on one of the help pages.

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