Dreamhost support must have taken the weekend off



wow, that’s a great post.

I’m sure they didn’t take the weekend off. Give them time to reply, you should hear back from them in 24 hours max.

If you want, you can also tell us about yoru problems it might be soemthing you can solve on your own with out waiting for support.



I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s right. I sent support a message 16+ hours ago with a “things are broken and I’d like for them not to be” level and haven’t got a response yet. Considering I usually get responses on casual and non-time sensitive questions in just a few hours, something is up. I’ve been checking the support page in the panel too and I’ve only been seeing the open tickets number go up and not down.


Well, I’ve asked several questions today and they’ve resolved everything in a timely manner. I don’t think they have, give 'em a little longer. :slight_smile:


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No reply for 24 hours. An Apologizer was sent. I have to wait to resolve payment issues.


they were having some major problems with the email servers so everyone must have been emailing them.

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Same here. Responses over the last few days have been slower than usual and I’ve noticed that the number of open requests is a little higher than usual (currently 650).

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Nope. I had a server down and they took care of it right way. I was actually surprised how quickly they responded.