Dreamhost support for Ant

I have a shared hosting account. I want to use ant to build Plovr so I can use Google Closure tools: http://plovr.com/download.html

However, ant does not seem to be installed on shared hosting accounts.

Hope no one minds me posting an answer 2 years later, but this page was one of the top hits when I was searching for a way to install ant so I could build an android project. Here’s what I did:

mkdir ~/antroot && cd ~/antroot aptitude download ant aptitude download ant-optional dpkg -x ant_*deb ./ dpkg -x ant-optional_*deb ./ export ANT_HOME=$HOME/antroot/usr/share/ant export PATH=$PATH:$ANT_HOME/bin

A normal “aptitude install ant” would come with a lot more packages, too. ‘ant’ and ‘ant-optional’ were enough for me to build an android widget, but if you think you need more of the dependencies, do an “aptitude -s install ant”: there will be a bunch of packages listed with an ‘{a}’ after their name. Do the same “aptitude download package-name” (without the {a}) and “dpkg -x package-name_*deb ./” for each of the ones you think you need.