DreamHost support contact currently broken?


Is it just me, or is it utterly impossible to contact DreamHost support right now?

  • The “Support” link in the top right of the panel is broken - clicking does nothing
  • The “Chat with an agent”, “Submit a ticket” and “Request a callback” buttons that normally appear under “Choose a topic” no longer exist
  • Under Support > Contact Support, The “Knowledge Base” and “Forums” buttons are broken - clicking does nothing
  • There is no contact form, just a stupid “Thank you. Your message was submitted successfully.” message where the contact form should be
  • All links within Open Tickets and Recent messages are broken - clicking them does nothing

Given that there is no support email address, nor support phone number, and thus that this is the only way of contacting DreamHost support, it is alarming to say the least that it is in such a broken state. Fix this shit ASAP.


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