Dreamhost sucks!


I would like speak here the my experience with the Dreamhost!
Yesterday I buy a VPS, however I was needs urgent to host my site, that is offline.
And the Dreamhost, still now, not released the vps. Credit in my credit card the value of the 1,54, and no pass nothing info about this.

I send message to the Dreamhost. The Dreamhost no response about the my emails. They no pass no info for me. And my site is offline because the DreamHost.
Meanwhile, I’m losing customers and visitors to my site.



You talent is poetry.


Until now, the DreamHost, no if expressed about it, the respect of my case.
Meanwhile, the my site is offline. Because, I’m waiting the DreamHost solve them. I no cant close my account.



I think you should stay clam and try again to email them a clear explanation of what your trying to say. I will be honest, it is very hard to understand you. Your spelling is pretty bad, I am assuming English is not your first language, which is fine. Maybe you should use google translator to translate to English in detail what your trying to say and then resend Dreamhost the email. Also, they do have a option for phone calls, although you do have to pay.

Good luck buddy!


Ooh… please don’t do that, actually. From what I’ve seen, users who are only communicating with us through Google Translate are, in general, much harder to understand than those who are writing in English directly, even if they aren’t very good with the language.

It’s also worth pointing out that we don’t offer phone callbacks outside the US / Canada.


[quote=“IDesignBlogs, post:5, topic:57589”]
Your spelling is pretty bad[/quote]

What evidence are you basing this claim on? I see no misspelt words.


Well, I really hate bad mouthing people, but I do have to agree these days that dreamhost is an extremely bad hosting choice anymore. It is a great place if you want something cheap, don’t want any support, and don’t care if your website goes down. If you are depending upon the hosting to make any type of money then pay the extra money and go somewhere else. I personally have a VPS and the hardware failed the other day and it took them 30 hours to replace the hardware before the hardware message notification disappeared from the control panel. I have submitted several tickets durning this time that all went unanswered. I did put in a ticket for a phone call and got a call back that was worthless. The tech basically said that my site should be running from the backup, but it wasn’t and that the admins were working on some small but important tasks and my site should be back up in a couple of hours. Well it has now been 42 hours and my sites are still not working. After about the 16 hour mark I decided things will start to work faster if I just moved hosts, so within 2 I was able to transfer my data to a new web hosting companing giving up on dreamhost since it looks like they do not care about there customers and don’t have a clue what they are doing. They used to be fantastic with there support and get very quick responses and were very knowledge able, but the last couple of months this has drastically changed for the worse. For anybody who wants to pay as little as possible for hosting service, beware you will get what you pay for, which isn’t much.


Your right, I should have said your grammar isn’t very clear to understand. Not spelling. My bad.


You haven’t mentioned what went wrong with your VPS.