Dreamhost SUCKS

Unfortunately in this case “preapproval” didn’t mean checking on the credit card to approve the transaction. Google did not complete the transaction - they just gathered more information.

Dreamhost did not “suggest” Google Payments: they gave it as the only option after their system hung. Fixing their problem somehow led to eliminating Dreamhost’s credit card option. All this could have been avoided if Dreamhost had either reset their credit card option or handled the transaction manually. Dreamhost could call the bank if they had any objections. It’s Google that my client objected to.

As for the nine thousand pro bono lawyers, that’s going to be up to my client. It was his privacy that was violated. I know he’s reviewing both Dreamhost’s and Google’s privacy policies very carefully right now.

If there was no problem with credit then yeah, that’s just plain slack.

Google Checkout must have given your client a reason. Perhaps he isn’t telling you the whole story.


If Google Payment Corp. shares financial details to a marketing subsiduary, no matter what their privacy blurb says they “can do”, they have broken the law. If your client can prove actual damages resulting from said disclosure, he can process a civil $uit.

In which case he won’t need my promo code :frowning:

All foo aside though mate, there must have been a problem at the start. Maybe the problem reared it’s head again during the Google Checkout procedure as well. Only Google and your client really know. Regardless of any issues, I don’t think it’s a Dreamhost Sux thing here. It’s more like a “that Dreamhost operator sux”. I’d be pissed at him too.

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I just don’t like how many things support won’t help you.
Ioncube install, example. One friend has it on his domain (DH hosted), tried to install in mine and didn’t work.
Many others hosts have CGI folder, customize PHP and panel integration with others WHM.

I’ve been quite happy with DreamHost.
I moved here after my last host decided it was a good idea to use my 404 pages to spam there stuff.
Dreamhost offered a awesome deal, and now that year is up, and I’ll be renewing in the next few weeks for a new year & all my domains (Forums / and such)

Yes there was something that hung the original transaction. However, there’s nothing wrong with the card or my client’s credit. I helped him buy a TV from a major online vendor the same day. He also called the bank twice to follow up on the Dreamhost issue - the second time was when he was told about the Google phone call.

The bottom line is that Dreamhost should have completed the transaction manually to guard against fraud. But since they don’t want to be bothered with that, they should offer more options than Google payments. Especially now that they have been alerted as to what Google does.

I would have liked Dreamhost to accept Paypal when I signed up. I was thankful that once “in” I could remove the credit card details and switch over to Paypal, but yeah, it would have been nice to have made that intial signup using Paypal as well.

Concerning Google and your client’s bank, any business involved with the transfer of funds between parties is going to test the water. Having said that, I can understand your client’s angst that a company name that is famous for online advertising was poking through his wallet. I flatly refuse to use them myself and it’s unfortunate that your client was painted into a corner with regard to payment options.

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I bought a stereo and three gold watches on the internet that very same day which proves I am not fraud!

More somberly, your current level of frustration and tendency to act out makes it pretty clear that you are not a good fit for DreamHost’s famously relaxed environment. Your application to be one of DreamHost’s many online best friends forever has been declined.

Holy foo…

Listen, I have seen this cliche tossed around willy nilly many times before, but this aint no drill… you have won the whole dang internet right there, and that aint no ass kissin cause you’re a DH hero. My GAWD man, I mean really… please tell the story on the moment the inspiration came to you to create that reply… that HAD to be a legit vision from The Almighty Universe… no “mere mortal” could have crafted that quite so perfectly.

I am deeply grateful that I was lucky enough to witness that, and I have saved this page to my hard drive and may even print it off and frame it one day.

BTW, I am now 5 hours and 55 minutes (eastern) into my 35th birthday, and I consider this a present from The Almighty Universe channeled through you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you so very much fer that little nugget of awesome!!! DANG!!!

Daniel Runyon Com

Listen man… please, do everyone you are able to a favor… send out a link to your post in a company wide email… they ALL need to enjoy this rare work of spectacular postitude, and I would also find someone who can git this to that MakiMaki foo at digg and git this front paged… it would be a serious shame fer it to go ferever tucked away into this obscure little corner of The Great WWW. Hale, Josh should also include it in the next Newslettery as well, and a post a Dreamhost Status entitled “Servers Healed By Energy Of Funny foo Michael Has Posted” wouldn’t be too much either.

Daniel Runyon Com

lmao Daniel you need to come down here for a month and learn how to drink mate.

Got Teamspeak?

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I aint really a drankin kinda feller much anymore. I MIGHT take a notion to brew up another batch of shine one day if The Tao so moves me, but generally aint an enjoyer of spinnin in my bed and hangovers / wakin up with my underwear on backwards / wearin a clean change of clothes / truck missin / not even knowin really where I am er how I gite there anymore!

Really, I’m lucky to still be livin after them days.

Daniel Runyon Com

You don’t know what you could be forgetting you didn’t miss out on :wink:

If you’re into Taoism, holistically speaking you won’t ever have a hangover. Just everyone else will apparently have less of one.

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DREAMHOST has been great to me

My name is David Mehmet. I have been with dreamhost for about 10 years. They have been wonderful to me for all those years. Their customer service is one of the best I have ever seen. I do have a feature to request that they call me and when ever I had used it (maybe 3 times), they called me back right away. When they had a serious problem with their servers and had to migrate my site to another server, it broke some things. But not only did they go out of their way to fix it; but they gave me a large credit.

Dreamhost has treated me better than any other webhosting service that even the thought of moving to another host puts fear in me from the unknown. In the past, I used Lunarpages who destroyed a website that cost me thousands to build. They even deleted my files before I could download them. It was Chad, the owners idiot son who was also a compulsive liar. I sued them in Court. They ended up paying their attorneys thousands of dollars more than what I paid for hosting with them. Plus, they gained a litigation history their clients can use in the future against them. I never had this problem with Dreamhost.

Some people can’t accept that Dreamhost and any other company are not perfect. There will be mistakes and defects every now and then. This is a fact of life. What is important is how those issues are dealt with NOT if they ever happen. Unlike lunarpages, Dreamhost has dealt with those situations to my satisfaction for about 10 years.