Dreamhost Sucks 5.0

I tried to set up hosting and buying a domain last week. It says my account is pending. I’ve contacted support numerous times with no response. I heard dreamhost was supposed to be the best hosting company, but they’ve been the worst for me. I can’t even get anybody to respond to my requests to cancel.

Negative 5stars


As someone who has been here for over a decade, well, that should speak for itself. I hope you have been able to get through this initial hiccup. Overall DH is a great host.

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I’m willing to give DreamHost a chance to resolve the mail issues before looking for other email solutions. And yes, while I’d like to see a more responsive policy and am very pleased with them owning the problem, part of me speculates if this is actually all hardware related.

The number one problem I have with DreamHost email is that if I mark a message as read on a non-iOS device, it doesn’t reflect that way back on the iOS client. IMAP should do that. There’s a number of posts about this problem on the Internet, and some bright soul found the cause – which boiled down to not using a later version that honored some part of the protocol (and then he sniffed his own traffic and proved it). I reached out to support, and while aware of the problem, announced there were no plans to address it. Ugh…but I view -this- current issue as the perfect opportunity to resolve that with minimal interruption.

The second problem I have with DreamHost mail is that they seem to assume you’re going to use their web interface – although that simply isn’t the case (especially for mobile users), additionally the primary entry point to that appears to be HTTP (putting passwords in the clear), and the anti-spam filtering mechanism is klunky and can’t handle Unicode or other trivial symbol matching (thus allowing those that spam to get through anyhow). …again, an update ought to help out here. So I’m looking forward to the change.

Here’s what I’m hoping: The community of customers speaking together in a large single voice will raise to their attention that their email service is equally important as their web hosting services (which are downright excellent, btw) – and that it should be given continual love and maintenance in the future. Meanwhile, again I’m hoping here, that the machine upgrade will not just be a forklift over, but rather involve a software upgrade as well for the transport and retrieval mechanisms; they need to fix the broken behavior. I’m crossing my fingers that letting things get stale is now a lessons-learned for them, and they’ll have improved service in the future.

For what it’s worth, I’ve received nothing but fantastic support from DreamHost in the past – quick, responsive, and helpful.

[ Though, in truth-in-disclosure, shortly posting this on this forum (who’s topic-name might be suspect), the discussion account was suspended. (amusing… getting suspended for sticking up for DreamHost – I can appreciate the humor in that.) ]

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