Hi Im a new Dreamhost user, trying to set up a WP blog. I’ve used one click install successfully but now want to upload the Studiopress Magazine theme which I have purchased. How do I do that please, can someone help? Thanks

You may use FTP to transfer unzipped file to your WordPress blog (not preferred)


Goto Add/install theme option on your WordPress Dashboard and upload the theme in Zipped format and install. This is more preferred way to install theme. You should must install Genesis framework theme(but not activate it).

Thanks Anand.
I used one click WP install when I set up which didnt give me the option to install/upload a theme from the dashboard so I uninstalled and have re- transferred all of my WP and Studiopress files to FTP.
I’ve saved the Studiopress themes in the wp content themes folder and I’ve renamed the configure.sample file to configure.php as per the WP instructions but Im not sure what to do next…

Wait!! Wait!! Wait!! Go to your WordPress Dashboard not Dreamhost Dashboard!! You will be able to do all the things.[hr]
It’s is much easier than what you are doing! You may install WordPress from one click install or using FTP, it does not matters. You need to go to your WordPress dashboard to install or un-install theme/plugins. It is much easier way to do things.

Suppose you install WordPress on http://myblog.com/blog/ than you should go to http://myblog.com/blog/wp-admin to login to your WordPress dashboard.

Probably you are new to WordPress! Please feel free to send me a PM on Studiopress support forum. My username (at studiopress support forum) is “AnandKumar”

There was no add/install theme option on the WP dashboard, I promise you! Im reasonable familiar with it and the only options it gave me were for the 50 standard free WP themes!

I am surprised if their are no such tab. If you had one visit Wordpress dashboard>>Appearance>>Themes>>Install Themes (Its a tab not a link)[hr]
Well I may help you in installing Wordpress??[hr]
You need to setup MySQL server first. It can be done from Dreamhost dashboard. add something like mysql.yourdomain.com and create a DB, username and password and host.

If you are listening?? Reply it or i will leave the topic!!

Hi Anand, thanks for the post, it’s late at night here now so I’ll try again tomorrow and let you know how I get on! Thanks so much for your help! Sara

You may visit: http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress#Famous_5-Minute_Install
for details, But i would like to say you should give another chance to One-click installer. If it fails you may use another option.
if you planned to give a chance to one-click install visit: http://bit.ly/e9erVe

I have posted this for you!
If you need me during installation, you may invite me on Google chat my email is netrival(at)gmail.com

Good luck!!

Make sure you do the advanced one-click, not the easy one, so you have total access to your WP installation. Then, as mentioned, already you should be able to install your custom template through the WP dashboard.