Dreamhost stats

Hey, has anyone else noticed how sporadic the automated stats page is being updated lately? I use mine daily to track traffic trends and such, but it seems like it only updates 3 or 4 days a week at best, and currently hasn’t run since wednesday. What’s up with that? Can anyone suggest a good alternative since Dreamhosts’ process is so unreliable?


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Same with me. its monday here in the uk, but dreamhost stats seems to be stuck with last wednesday.

the statistics are very poor in my opinion. sure they get all the info, but its presented poorly and often very confusing.

Dreamhost, please… GET SOME NEW STATS !!

No kidding - I’ve had the same problem; I just moved my web hosting to Dream Host 10 days ago but I’m pretty satisfied with everything EXCEPT the statistics. I think I’ve only seen three or four days of stats so far - right now I am also seeing stats from Wednesday, August 8. What’s up with that?

Sorry about this folks!

Apparently what happened is we recently changed our stats over to getting analyzed on a number of machines instead of just one. The processing required was too much for just one machine, and was taking forever to complete.

So that’s great in theory! In practice, none of the new machines were actually analyzing the stats since Wednesday!! We’ve fixed the problem now (it was nfs related), and are working on analyzing the missing stats. We still have the raw logs, but need to get them analyzed. It’ll take a while to completely run on all domains too. :frowning:

Anyway, we also aren’t very happy with our current stats system. We’re currently researching ways to improve it, in reliability, interface, and customizability. If your stats are of the utmost importance to you, at this point I would honestly recommend that you download daily the raw log files we offer you and find a stats analysis program you like and do it that way, at least until we can revamp our system!