Dreamhost Stats Useless

The referrer report needs to be changed. I put a suggestion in for this in May of 2003, but I have heard nothing about it so far.

If you have a subdomain but you use a mirror as your main address - which I do, your stats will be full of your main address.

Forinstance - if someone were to use subdomain.whatever.com - and there main address and mirror was mainaddress.com - the referrer report would be so full of mainaddress.com that it becomes unusable.

Also, it is useless for me to know that someone is coming through my mirror, since it is the only address I give out. It would not take much for the dreamhost people to make it so that a person could keep their mirror off of their stats page if they wanted that.

Why such a huge oversight?

If you are having this problem, please put it in the suggestions as well.

Did you put the suggestion in through ‘support’? If so, consider it officially dead.

I put in a ‘suggestion’ a while back. It has now been sitting in queue for “one year and one month”. Amazing.

I’m not sure why they even allow you to make suggestions if no one bothers to look at them.

I’m guessing its some kind of inside joke on dreamhosts part.

I think DH should have a public suggestion system where users could vote and add ideas. More than just a forum like this but a system where ideas could be voted on/revised :slight_smile:

“OTOH, I did once upon a time put in a suggestion that was quickly implemented, and got a nice “thanks.” Therefore, I don’t think the suggestion thing is a joke, but would not be they probably don’t have a good priority/tracking system, and things fall through the cracks.”

I meant ‘joke’ in the best way possible :wink: I’m completely happy with dreamhost. I just think the ‘suggestion box’ is something they’ve obviously forgotten about.

Each time I have to put in a support ticket I always see my suggestions sitting there moving at the speed of a snail.

It’s worked itself up to number 12 out of over 200.

I don’t expect them to implement my suggestions. Just have a look.

I do take it as a joke now, but not in a bad way. More like I get a chuckle everytime I see the ‘1 year and 1 month’ status.

I believe (though I’m not 100% certain) that suggestions submitted via support go to the same place that suggestions submitted from the “Suggestions” tab go. While they go to a queue that’s part of our support system, they’re not responded to We should probably make this more clear.

While we don’t respond to suggestions, they are read / considered; sometimes they’re even implemented. Obviously we can’t implement all of the suggestions we get, and when we do implement stuff, it may take a while for us to do so.

I think at one point people could view / vote on suggestions, and that would certainly be a good way to do things. Maybe submit that as a suggestion? :>

“While they go to a queue that’s part of our support system, they’re not responded to We should probably make this more clear.”

I realize they’re not responded to. However, when in queue they should eventually get to number one and then go away.

Maybe my suggestion was looked at but the queue stats are screwed up. Either way, no big deal.

Just because they’re read doesn’t mean we remove them from the queue.

I for one, like some others have mentioned, would like greater access to Analog’s custom settings. My previous host had both a web interface (for the Analog-uninitiated) and basic tutorial on how to edit the analog.cfg file for highly customized stats. For instance, I really want to ignore my own IP in the stats because I regularly test my site in a number of different browsers. I assume the analog.cfg file isn’t accessible by us, of course… (Would it be very burdensome to alter the configuration to allow us our own cfg files?)

“Just because they’re read doesn’t mean we remove them from the queue.”

Ahh, well that explains a lot. Thanks.

(though queue by definition means a line of something waiting for something, AND my suggestion did go from over 200 to 12 before stopping. So what we have here is actually NOT a queue at all, but a pile of random suggestions. Now I’ll stop being off-topic :wink: