Dreamhost, SSL & Facebook

I am confused about SSL, and after reading the Dreamhost wiki on the subject, my confusion is even greater. Here is my situation:

I have an app on Facebook that is being hosted on one of my Dreamhost domains. As you may know, Facebook (as of Oct. 1) now requires that all apps be backed by (or be attached to – I don’t know the terminology) a SSL certificate. Questions:

  1. What exactly do I need to get from Dreamhost to satisfy Facebook with regard to SSL? (I have these terms swimming in my head, but I don’t know their relationship to one another, or which ones I need and don’t need: “secure hosting,” “static IP,” “signed SSL,” “self-signed SSL.”)

  2. Can I order what I need through my Dreamhost C-panel?

  3. How much will this all cost me?

  4. I assume that any SSL certificate I purchase will be good only for a single domain. If this is so, will that certificate cover any number of apps that I may host on that particular domain?

Thanks. I am really confused on this subject, and will appreciate your help.


1/2) You can set up everything you’ll need for the domain (secure hosting, with a unique IP address and a professionally signed SSL certificate) through the DreamHost Panel, under the cleverly named “Secure Hosting” tab (under “Domains”).

  1. The unique IP address is $3.95 a month, and the SSL certificate is $15 per year.

  2. Correct, and yes. I’m reasonably certain that you’d be able to run as many Facebook apps as you needed on a single domain, so long as you keep the files for each one separated.

andrewf: Thank you for that clear answer!

So, that signed SSL certificate will provide me with the certificate number (again, not sure of the terminology) that I will enter in the app developer’s space on Facebook?


I don’t believe there’s anything you have to enter on the Facebook’s end, besides the address of the site you’re using to host your app. As long as the site’s set up for secure hosting (HTTPS), you should be able to just punch that in and it’ll work.

Once you setup everything on the Dreamhost side you just put your url into the secure canvas url in facebook settings.

So if you have a domain “mydomain.com” with unique IP and SSL certificate.

Under facebook you put https://mydomain.com/myfacebookgames/myfirstgame to Canvas URL.

You can have many games under the same domain in separate folders.

Thank you Finglor and andrewf. It all sounds pretty straightforward now.

I am just waiting for Comodo to issue the SSL cert, which I ordered through Dreamhost. It’s been a couple of days. Anyone have experience with how long this usually takes?


@steve - i would recommend asking support directly about the status. Open a ticket via the panel. https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=support.msg&

Most common cause of a certificate request not going through is that you sent the confirmation email to an email address that wasn’t set up, or one that you don’t check. Go back to the “Secure Hosting” panel, click “Resend DCV”, and make sure that the address you’re sending the confirmation to is one that you’ll be able to read.

I think this was my problem. Apparently I had asked the confirmation to be sent to an email address that didn’t exist! I have rectified that now, and asked for a re-send.