Dreamhost SSL certificate

Hi there! I’m currently hosted on Dreampress vps and I would like to install a SSL certificate (mainly because I know this helps SEO rankings. The highest level of personal information I collect is peoples’ addresses, phone numbers and emails).

Now I see that dreamhost offer a signed SSL certificate for $15/year. However, I’m looking at other companies such as as Digicert and Geotrust and they’re coming in at around $150/year! Why are they so much more expensive? How does the functionality differ from the dreamhost signed SSL certificate?

Also - I’m concerned that dreamhost’s ssl certificate may not be as compatable as Digicert and Geotrust certificates. Could anyone please enlighten me?

The SSL certificates we offer are Comodo PositiveSSL certificates. They’re compatible with all modern web browsers.

As to the price… SSL vendors are weird. If you go to their web sites, they’ll quote you a much higher price than they charge to resellers, like DreamHost. The certificate you’ll get is essentially the same either way; the only difference of note is that the certificate information mentions DreamHost.