DreamHost Sites Of The Month

Every Month since Nov. '98 DreamHost has had a vote on the best website hosted by them. The contest is called “DreamHost Site Of The Month” or DHSOTM. This is a great place to see example sites hosted on DreamHost, and you should also become familiar with the wiki as it contains IMHO, the best information and help.

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is it your website ?

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Hey, once in “promotion” was only marginally spamish…posting it here, not so marginal. Did you even read the TOS or the entry page at discussion.dreamhost.com?


You should just out-right say it’s your website, instead of this kind of shameless promotion that makes you look like a spammer to the rest of us.

Quite frankly, GTFO.

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Oh sorry, I’m just letting people know about DHSOTM as a resource, and why not try to get people to use the DHSOTM voting system? Yes I read the entry page, where is the TOS?

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My username is askapache, my signature is askapache, the link is askapache. Yes its mine :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t mind that at all, but linking directly to your own page on it is a bit spam-advertising. If you linked to the DH page on it and maybe then added a link to your site about it, I don’t think I’d personally mind it as much. Or at least I wouldn’t see so much as advertising, as showing an example of a DHSOTM-potential site :wink:

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Do you know that we have an official one http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/DHSOTM

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Tha’s completely disingenuous! You can “let people know” about DHSOTM just fine without linking them to your site to “learn more about DHSOTM”

THe DreamHost TOS is located here, and their Anti-Spam policy is here. The anti-spam policy states, in relevant part:

“Predominately promotional messages must not be posted to bulletin boards, discussion forums, guestbooks, Usenet newsgroups, or any other similar service unless the operator of that service explicitly allows such messages.”

That, plus the discussion entry page, should make the issue pretty clear. :wink:


Cool thanks for the heads up everyone! I edited the post to point to the wiki page, and I’m discussing with dreamhost whether the type of “vote for this site now” link is allowed. Yes that was a little disingenuous, only my stuff isn’t spammy so I thought, why not? :wink:

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Did you even read that line? You are implying that users can “start voting” on your site (which, I guess is true if they want to click another link from your site, to place their vote), and that is misleading. :frowning:

You vote From this page on the DreamHost Control Panel; your post is still designed solely to drive traffic to (through?) your site.


Whether it’s here, or the wiki, you really do come off as a link-spamming lowlife.

Here’s a free tip (I’ll write it here, instead of on my site, then post 50 links to it): If you have something to contribute, just do it. That means type it out. Not put 3 lines up on your site, then flood the forum and wiki with links to it.

Geez… the wiki seriously needs some de-spamming, since you seem to be making your own personal link dump.

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I’m only helping them by “promoting” my blog articles about them anyways, whats the deal? Why would anyone from DreamHost want to lose the positive publicity? Who cares this is a wast of time.

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Do you just not understand anything that anyone says to you?

They’re relevant to you because you’re promoting your site. You throw up a page then look for places to spam it.

The wiki is not a directory.

The forum is not a directory.

Which part of those sentences is too hard for you to understand?

C o n t r i b u t e.

That doesn’t mean contribute to your own site, then leave a trail of link spam where ever you go.

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It’s always fun to pop in here and see nothing’s changed.

BTW, Thanks for double posting; it helps draw attention to important stuff, stirs up the self-righteous crowd, and gives them something to rally around and shout about.

There’s a few posters who dominate this forum, and the wiki, and they’ll be more than happy to force you to be just like them, if they can.


rlparker: blah blah blah, TOS, spam, definitions, disclaimers, blah blah blah… nobody writes as much as me!

seiler: If you don’t agree with me, then you’re stupid, stupid. I’m gonna rip your stuff outta the wiki now, man, and I’ve got lots of spare time…

scjessey: I question your motives. Mine are the same, but that’s different because my mom said. Only I can spam the wikis…

others: just posting a comment for my sig.

Play their game. Pretend to care what they say, and do what you want. They’ll slam you for a bit, while you’re in their sights, but they’re a short sighted mob. :smiley: Thanks for some of your askapache stuff, and thanks for feeding my Adblocker. :cool:

Welcome to the “gigantic hordes of unwashed.”

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Jeez! Would you say that Mother Teresa did her good works just to get into heaven?

People have many motivations for helping others. Some have a mix of altruism and personal benefit.

Personally, I try not to analyze people’s motivations (though I must confess that I do!). I just try to look at the outcome of their actions and weigh the benefits against the costs.

rlparker, seiler, and scjessey may be the most prolific posters for any reason whatsoever and I don’t care. It could be their public service sentence for insider trading for all I care. (though I’d be pretty interested in that story!) What matters is that they provide the most help for people who come to the forums with problems - even though they’re the same problems over and over and over again. BTW, this is not a knock of anyone else, I am only picking these three out for their service because they’ve been targeted.

And speaking directly of their attempt to keep the boards clean: I applaud them for this. Sure, you might say its because my vision for what these boards should be matches theirs, but isn’t that the point? This board has become a community and though we respect each other’s individual points of view and style, I think we should have the chance to discuss our preferences for lawn upkeep, house painting, yard decorations and hygiene.

BTW, is this a dupe thread? Or is the other one the dupe? Or am I the dope? :slight_smile:

Ob On-Topic: What’s the benefit to being DHSOTM? I thought it was an award that you’d win if your site was actually fun and useful? Or has this become like political elections where the only way to win is to engineer a victory? Has winning become the goal rather than just being a great site?

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I thought it was a bit of a mix. You get a reward of course, but you also get some publicity as the DHSOTM sites are almost always (if not always?) mentioned in the Newsletter. Once, or rather if, I ever get my site completely finished I’ll probably submit mine as well. Mostly for the publicity as I’m not a big fan of spamming my site everywhere. Having it in my sig is already pushing ‘spam-ish’ to me.

I’ll also agree with you - I believe rlparker, scjessy and other such users are just trying to keep the forums clean. As a moderator/administrator for several forums in the past, I can lament on the difficulty in maintaining a “just” and “clean” environment, especially when dealing with varied nationalities and age groups it becomes difficult to moderate in a justified manner. I’ve noticed the DH staff themselves are pretty laissez-faire in their handling of the forums, so they must feel fairly confident in the community’s ability to moderate themselves - not to mention the fact they’ve made scjessy and rlparker wiki admins, which shows further trust and confidence in those individuals’ abilities to moderate between right and wrong.
Let’s also not forget that anonymous2 typically only comes here to troll almost any topic that scjessy or rlparker specifically post in - especially in such topics as this one.
Any rational person seeking a sympathetic approach from others will not stoop to justifying their personal attacks against others.

Chips N Cheese - Custom PHP installs and the like!

Welcome back, Bob! (or Ardco, or JohnGalt, or BobS, or 0_0, or which ever puppet’s handle you wish to be called at this point in time) - it’s always good to have your cheery outlook on life in a thread!

In spite of your protestation, we know you love these forums as much as we do! :wink:


Robert Jr., Apparently you can take the person out of the military intelligence (oxymoron), but you can’t take the military intelligence out of the person.


“Er… no.”.

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And we do. Much of the clutter comes from responding to and discussing double posts and the fine grey line between helpful subtle promotion versus spam promotion…


Yes, yes, and maybe. :smiley:

[quote]DH staff themselves are pretty laissez-faire


If only the anointed gremlins of wikidom would be similar… As self-serving as askapache’s links in the wiki were, some of them were helpful and will be missed. Fortunately, they’re still high in Google.

[quote]Let’s also not forget that anonymous2 typically only comes here to troll almost any topic that scjessy or rlparker specifically post in -


Oh youngster of few and faulty observation skills, :slight_smile: I’ll agree it’s frequently impossible to post a response prior to them… but:

Last 25 posts

http://discussion.dreamhost.com/showflat.pl?Cat=&Board=forum_troubleshooting&Number=82210 (False)
http://discussion.dreamhost.com/showflat.pl?Cat=&Board=forum_programming&Number=81683 (Arguably False or True)
http://discussion.dreamhost.com/showflat.pl?Cat=&Board=forum_troubleshooting&Number=81591 (Arguably False or True)
http://discussion.dreamhost.com/showflat.pl?Cat=&Board=curious&Number=81452 (True, but the bloody immigrant showed disrespect for the person who holds the Office of President)
http://discussion.dreamhost.com/showflat.pl?Cat=&Board=forum_troubleshooting&Number=81447 (False)
http://discussion.dreamhost.com/showflat.pl?Cat=&Board=curious&Number=81391 (Arguably False or True)
http://discussion.dreamhost.com/showflat.pl?Cat=&Board=curious&Number=81115 (False)
http://discussion.dreamhost.com/showflat.pl?Cat=&Board=forum_troubleshooting&Number=80932 (Arguably False or True)
http://discussion.dreamhost.com/showflat.pl?Cat=&Board=forum_beginners&Number=80939 (False)
http://discussion.dreamhost.com/showflat.pl?Cat=&Board=forum_troubleshooting&Number=80914 (False)

So, of my last 10 posts (excluding this thread), your claim is clearly false 50% of the time, arguably false 40% of the time, and clearly true only 10%. I’m sure you see it differently. :smiley:

[quote]Any rational person seeking a sympathetic approach from others will not stoop to justifying their personal attacks against others.


No offense intended, but that whooshed over my head like a term paper deadline. :wink:

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