DreamHost Sign-up NIGHTMARE

I am looking for a host for my wordpress blog. I visited the Dreamhost site today and saw an offer for a one-year hosting plan (including a domain registration) for just $9.24, so I decided to try it.

When I was signing up I kept looking for an option to enter the promo code, however there was no option to do so, so I assumed it had been added automatically, since there was no page that allowed me to confirm the info before submitting payment. When I logged in to my domain manager I saw a notice that I would be billed $119, instead of the $9.24. I immediately wanted to cancel my account, since I considered this a bait and switch, however there was no option to do so, just an option to confirm my account. I saw that there was a risk-free 2 week trial, so I decided to confirm the account via telephone, and after doing that the “cancel account” link appeared on the domain management screen. I cancelled the account, and attempted to sign up again with another e-mail, in order to see if I missed where to enter a promo code. When I added the domain to the registration, I received a message stating that the domain was already in the database, and I needed to remove the domain from the other account if I wanted it added to the new one. I logged back in to my first account, and re-enabled it, then I went to the domain manager, and removed that domain. Then I went back to the 2nd account sign-up page, and I loooked carefully and saw that there was no place to enter a promo code during the sign-up process, so I didn’t sign up again. THen I went back to my first account, and got a notice that I was still going to be billed $119.00, but I had no domains in my account, since I deleted it. I went to domain manager, and attempted to add a domain, and was informed that I can’t add a domain unless I upgraded to the “Happy Hosting billing plan.”

I want to sign up for $9.24 for a year, and I want to use my own domain that I already own. I want to be a customer of Dreamhost - how can I make this happen, and undo all of that mess?

It is really in a mess. I guess you will have to contact DH support to clean it up.

I have the same problem with Dreamhost. And for some reason my credit card information did not get received my dreamhost.

I want my account canceled and start over!

You can cancel the account in DH panel by yourself. However, you won’t be allowed to use the same credit card to start a new account. I’ll suggest you to contact DH support. They are very helpful and will solve your problem.