Dreamhost should support Authy for MFA

Why hasn’t DreamHost started to support Authy? I tried to use Google Authenticator on both my tablet and phone and discovered it only works on one: it won’t sync between the two!

MailChimp supports Authy and it’s great: syncs between tablet and phone so I can use either one!



I use Authy on iOS, Since it supports the same standard as Google Authenticator it works fine for DH MFA and the codes sync between devices.

If you want to stick with Google Authenticator, then you have to scan the QR code on both devices when first setting up MFA.


I was unaware that Authy supports the same standard as Google Authenticator … so thanks very much for the info Larry! And thanks also for explaining why Google Authenticator didn’t work on my tablet & phone: I scanned 2 different QR codes, one for each device!

FYI, I asked DreamHost tech support if Authy was supported and was told that only Google Authenticator was!

Thanks again,


I just tested your “scan the same QR code on 2 different devices” idea Larry … and it worked like a charm!

I have to run now, but will also test Authy on DH!

Thanks again,


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