Dreamhost should have a Failover service

With all the recent problems I have been trying to come up with a solution to my site being down. In the past I have used Zoneedit DNS andd their failover service. But Dreamhost requires that you use their DNS servers.

So I think that Dreamhost themselves should have a failover monitoring service where if a website is unreachable for a period of time then the IP is dropped and the request sent over to the next ip.

The reason I am saying this is because I don’t want to move my websites to other hosting when something happens. But I would like be able to use one of the other hosting services that I have to backup my Dreamhost accounts.

If this service was provided for a reasonable monthly fee I would definately purchase it.

Or Dreamhost could make it easier to use off-network DNS servers for their hosting accounts so that you could use another failover service like Zoneedit.

If DH was concerned about quality, sure. Judging by results, they’re not.

I would gladly pay more for such a service. I would pay more to have less users on my machine (less likely to have one of the other users take the machine down.) I would pay more for a fraction of the bandwidth, storage and email accounts. Heck, I used to.

Alas, DH would rather give us more bandwidth (which we can’t use because the network is messed up) or give us more storage (which we can’t even send files to and from because of the network issues) or give us more email accounts (which are useless when I can’t even connect.)


If they offered something like that, they’d have a “one click installer” for it but a failure of some basic part of DH’s network would prevent it from working reliably :wink: