Dreamhost Shared Servers on SPAM Blocklists?

I’m currently on a shared server w/ another host and I’m considering a switch. I’m responsible for sending out a newsletter to small number of users (~150) a couple times a month. I use PHPlist to generate and mail out the newsletters. The IP of the shared server I’m on frequently shows up on the Composite Blocking List (CBL-a spam block list used by many ISPs to identify and block potential spam). This makes it very difficult to send out my newsletter. Has anyone had a problem w/ Dreamhost’s shared servers showing up on CBL or any of the other spam blocklists?

I’ve never witnessed it personally here at DreamHost, but there was some issue recently on one of the mail servers with spam. Unfortunately with shared hosts this kinda thing happens - it’s inescapable. Any shared host who attest to sending absolutely 0% spam 100% of the time would be telling furfies. Having said that, DreamHost do appear to have a pretty good record for getting any trouble sorted out very quickly. They immediately banhammer any account that indulges in spam-like activity and chase up potential blacklisting concerns post-haste.

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