DreamHost sent emails about employee's BMs?

Did anyone else receive this spam? Or is this really a DreamHost employee?
We are not signed up to any DreamHost newsletter, so I don’t even know why I opened it. But, I was shocked and disgusted to read about a supposed Dreamhost employee’s bowel movements in the newsletter. Did you receive this junkmail? Here’s part of it.

Here this moron is talking about the terrible service that DreamHost’s customers are used to being subjected to

“…generally fine with down servers, and although they’re
pretty understanding when their email isn’t working, and ALTHOUGH they
don’t really seem to mind when we “accidentally” overcharge their
credit cards for thousands of dollars, one thing I KNOW the dozens of Happy
DreamHost customers will NOT stand for is a late newsletter.”

“…I’m stuck in a minivan in Wadi Rum, Jordan, without having had a BM in
over 72 hours”

“…Another thing that helps me write newsletters when my bowels are
completely compacted is to think about how nice it would be to have
electricity to power my laptop, running water to flush my poop, and
to cool my unmentionables. It was exactly such thinking that led me to
think about wind and water power and how we could use it to power our
four servers when the current hamsters die… Josh Jones”

I didn’t received such email.

Dreamhost don’t send email except the monthly newsletter (optional) and things related to your account.

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I got that, assumed it was a newsletter. Although now you mwntion it it does seem strange as I never had a newsletter before

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We’ll just have to make sure that Josh never goes on vacation again!

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Er…ah, Yes, that was the last “monthly newsletter” from DH, and Josh’s humor is not appreciated by some on occasion.

You can always opt-out from receiving future newsletters, as indicated in the newsletter itself.


it is good to receive newletters from DH. sometimes you will get some useful information.

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I always find the newsletters (and Official DreamHost blog to be great entertainment, even if the information within is sometimes hard to decipher. :wink:


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I did received it. But the text doesnt look like anything that is usual, as previous blogs.

BUGabundo :o)
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That’s Josh. Just ask Jeff.

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Sometimes it’s a little weird, just have to look over him…

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