Dreamhost Roundcube Logo Replacement?


Anyone figure out a way to customize the “stock” Dreamhost logo in Roundcube? I don’t see why we shouldn’t be able to customize it to our own domains. I realize it’s a beta - but honestly this is a simple enough request and I assume it can be done.

Any info would be appreciated!

  • Joe C.


Roundcube is so beta that it’s not even offered at our own domains. Until that happens, you won’t be able to replace the logo.

But there’s nothing stopping you from installing it yourself under your domain.



Actually it is available now - go to your panel and under the Mail tab, then Webmail, then edit the domain you want to add it to - and then select “Enable Roundcube Webmail (Beta)”

Problem is it defaults to a Dreamhost logo regardless of which domain you put it on. I would like to change that, but I’m not having much luck figuring out how.


Custom Login Image URL:
Leave blank to use the default
(Not supported in RoundCube Webmail)

Until RC is regarded as stable I doubt they’ll be concerned with cosmetics.

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