Dreamhost Rocks

Any webmeister undergoing that most painful experience of researching, then shortlisting and then finally selecting and most importantly ‘living with’ a hosting partner… I say: this is your lucky day… because you you just hit the jackpot! Let’s face it… no organisation is perfect, but when it comes to doing the things they say they’re gonna do… and then some… in my 13 years of online experience it just doesn’t get any better than Dreamhost. If you want anecdotes I got plenty… but all you gotta do for yourself is this favour: stop looking.

I just signed and I’m very happy. Why? Check my signature :slight_smile:

Just signed for 22$ for whole year (including free domain).
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Gee, there have been a few positive threads here lately, makes a change from the normal doom and gloom. :slight_smile:

I agree with your sentiments 100%. Since being with Dreamhost, things haven’t been perfect, but they have been very good. I like the way that Dreamhost actually listen to their customers and implement things that customers ask for.

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I only wish it was Spring on this side of the world. :frowning:

Agreed. When you consider the features they offer, you just can’t buy better at the price.

Now, if only they’d provide some sunshine with the plans for us deprived souls down under. :slight_smile:


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Update: Things are just not as good as they used to be… support responses are very slow and today locked out my my account on first login attempt due to ‘too many failed attempts’… I submitted a ticket but can’t wait 48 hours for a response…