Dreamhost Rewards

I’m a dreamhost app user, that service which was launched a year ago, I earned a referral four months and it says i got paid today, but i have not received any mail or any money either, I can’t access support cause I do not use full fledged hosting, and I tried contacting support through dreamhost.com, but they do not reply, please help me out, my dreamhost account is with abhidcoolest@gmail.com

2000 views and still no reply! Whats wrong with dreamhost’s customer service?

a “view” is not necessarily a human view.

If you search here you will find that
–this is not an offical dreamhost support channel, to reach support you must open a ticket.
–there is only one dreamhost employee that sometimes responds here, and usually not to this type of question.
–there are other threads very much like yours in this forum, and they aren’t answered either.

Your Rewards balance was cashed out to Paypal (using your GMail address) on Sunday.

yes, I got the payment :slight_smile: Thanks a lot DH :slight_smile: