DreamHost Rewards

You know I really like the idea of the rewards and I’m even thinking of setting up Google Ads to make $97 per signup except this issue…

“and then signs up without entering any promo code or referrer.”

So if the main site has a promo on it ALL THE TIME then I’ll never see my $97. So what’s the point?

I wouldn’t even make my friends not enter a promo code.

You’ve effectively eliminated your Rewards program.


I don’t understand the question. The quote, without the accompanying context which I can’t find, just says the sign up without using a promo code or referrer. In which case, of course you won’t get any reward.

I’ve not seen any prohibition against putting your promo code on your main site. It often accompanies a DreamHost logo link that includes the referrer. But there is a warning that if someone signs up with your code and them breaks the ToS that you’ll be permanently dropped from the rewards program.

I don’t see what Google Ads has to do with this.


I think the OP is referring to the wording on the Rewards section of the user panel where it says you get referral credit through any one of three methods. The third method is the version with using the "http://www.dreamhost.com/r.cgi?" referral link. The OP is referring to the fact that Dreamhost is now running certain specials on their front page that are better than the “no discount” that one gets from a raw, undiscounted referral. Therefore it is pretty unlikely that someone clicking on a link like the one above would actually sign up without a promo code.

This sounds likely to me.

Of course this is unrelated to people we refer from our own sites at times when Dreamhost isn’t running great discounts like they have been for the past couple of weeks.

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Well, I doubt they’re going to be running daily specials all year, but even if they don’t there’s going to be other coupon codes out there.

Some people just drop down a banner and hope for someone to click through and pay retail, but I know you’ll get a much larger volume of sales with cheaper prices. Since the $97 discount is back (is it?) the 10% recurring rewards probably delivers the best value over the long run. The current sales indicate that they’re definitely looking toward a long-term horizon with their business plan. Heck, they’ve been around for 11 years and they’re growing their share of global domains hosted, so I imagine they’ve got a pretty good customer retention rate in order to practically give away two years of hosting.

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Agreed. Although, I can say that I still get quite a few referrals. I believe they have tapered off some but still receive them every now and again.

Plus, it is really just an addition to great hosting. If you get a couple referrals a year then it’s well worth the invest.

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