Dreamhost Rewards

I currently have 82$ worth of dreamhost rewards built up in my account. I have a few questions I would like answered if possible…

  1. If I cash out via PayPal, does it automatically cash out to the paypal address which I have provided on the first day of each month?

  2. IF so, is the payment instant or does it take a few days like a e-check?

  3. How do I apply current rewards to my account so I can buy hosting?

Thanks to anyone who helps me regarding these concerns.

Yes if you enable “cash out via paypal every month” in your panel.

DH cashes out your rewards instantly but you still need to wait for few days to receive the money in your account. I believe it also take few days to approve the transfer among banks.

When you purchase anything, there will be an option for you “purchase using rewards”. I don’t remember the exact word. But it is something like. So you can choose to use money or rewards to purchase.

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Thanks for the prompt reply.

I have another question…

When i use to sign up page to sign up for hosting, it requires me to make a new account? How do I order hosting via my existing dreamhost account?

Apologies for the technicality, but it’s really just an accounting policy that the DreamHost system typically debits your rewards account on the first of the month and credits your PayPal account on the first business day (presumably when the accounting department is working and has finished their “audit”). There was that weird snafu at the beginning of this month where they reversed the debit for the first of the month and debited on the third instead.

Paypal itself is virtually instant, unlike non-wire banking transfers.

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I once asked DH support that they told me to just go on with the sign up process from the panel. But once I did that, the sign up process likely will create a new account again so I dare not to finish that. May be you should ask the DH support for that really.

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