Dreamhost Rewards payment

in my Rewards Earnings Summary it shows (last payout: $97.00 on 2013-02-01 00:34:46),but my paypal account has not received this payment. can
you help me.I open a ticket,but no reply.anybody has this problem.

No advice from Paypal that the payment was processed yet.

Update: Got an email 1 minute ago - payment is processed! <3

I see that we replied to your email earlier today, explaining that we were processing these payments again and being sent out today. If it still has not gone through for you, please let us know and we’ll look into that! Thanks :slight_smile:

Does dreamhost support prepaid visa card for
purchasing Domain name
and hosting ?
thank you in advance
kind regard
Omer Alaw


We accept all forms of major credit cards.
You can view our payment methods here:

Let me know if you have any further questions. :slight_smile:

Justin H
DreamHost Staff

to add a few thoughts…

The dreamhost signup system does have a fraud protection measure built in. A small random amount charge is made and refunded even when entering the 14-day free trial and not purchasing a domain at that time. I don’t know what dreamhost’s is required to submit to it’s credit card processor when it sends the charge transaction. One system that i work with we send the standard card number, exp date, ccv, plus we have to send the zip code and the first numeric field from the address line, if that information isn’t verifiable then the charge is declined.

Your question about pre-paid visa cards may be valid. If it’s the type of pre-paid card that has not been registered and has no street address and zip code attached to it, then you may have to deal with the billing dept directly.

A few additional thoughts:

The card you’re using must support online transactions. Most brands of prepaid/gift cards do, but some do not.

Customers using prepaid/gift cards may be subject to some additional fraud checks at signup. If you have a normal credit or debit card, we would prefer that you use that to sign up — once you’ve signed up, you can always make a manual payment from a prepaid card if you want to use that up first.

Refunds to prepaid cards are kind of iffy — some of them will turn off permanently the moment that they run out of funding. If you’re requesting a refund and you’ve used both a normal card and a prepaid one, please be specific about the exact card you want us to make the refund to!