Dreamhost Removing E-Mail Functionality (Forwarding) Punishes Good Customers

Why is Dreamhost taking the stance to punish all users instead of just the bad ones?

Last year Dreamhost removed e-mail forwarding from fully hosted e-mail accounts. Their reasoning? To stop spam mail clogging their system. I was told this on multiple occasions.

So instead of punishing just the people that are abusing their systems with tons of spam related mail they are choosing to punish everyone.

Luckily I was told there was a workaround, great! Use mail filters to forward e-mails. This worked. It’s a hassle to go to different panel menus in order to do the same thing as before, but I was glad to still be able to create e-mail forwards from hosted mailboxes.

Fast forward to this year. Not sure when they made the change but now new mail filters do not allow forwarding to e-mail accounts. Seems they removed this function now.

Dreamhost has effectively made it impossible to forward e-mails from hosted e-mail accounts. Other platforms do not do this. 1and1 / Ionos allows e-mail forwarding, it’s so much easier in comparison. I have multiple hosting contracts with different providers. Dreamhost is the only hosting service to take this stance of removing functionality, effectively punishing their good customers for the actions of select few bad users.

Why does one need to forward a hosted mailbox? My installation of Wordpress requires SMTP authentication to send mail to cut down on spam etc… this requires a mailbox with a password. You cannot use a mail forward to achieve this. That mailbox receives important inquiries from customers that need to be forwarded to different salesmen and other members of the company. Mailboxes cannot be forwarded in any fashion with Dreamhost not unless it is a forward-only account, but forward only accounts don’t get credentials to verify with SMTP authentication…

See the problem?

Am I left having to migrate all of my websites to another host now? Dreamhost has clearly taken the stance that they are not customer oriented.

Does anyone have any other workarounds?


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There is one local solution that still works – but let’s face reality: it will be blocked the moment that it “gets out”.

At a minimum you should migrate your domain email away from DreamHost’s email servers.

Sorry, forwarding is not working anymore ?!

My workaround is to look at FastMail. They have custom domains with sieve filtering and message forwarding. Their phone app and web interface is very slick compared to Roundcube. It was quick and painless to switch the pop, imap, and smtp mail over and their mail filters are far easier to edit than the multiple step process on Dreamhost.

Forwarding still works as usual if you have already set it up.

The form in the Panel no longer displays a “List all email addresses to forward to, one per line:” section when creating new Fully Hosted addresses.

I was told by support that forwarding on existing email accounts might be removed at any time without warning.

For accounts that already had it setup for an individual mailbox appear to still have the functionality.

However, you cannot add forwarding to any new account. Likewise, if you remove forwarding, save, and then try to add it back to an existing mail account you’ve now lost the ability to use forwarding.

Well that’s horrible… I am beyond aggravated with Dreamhost.

A service with great pricing and easy to use platform has truly gone down the drain. They removed basic functionality and expect us to switch to Gmail… That is ludicrous.


Seems straightforward to set up fowarding using filters and Send A Copy option in FastMail:

But there is no bulk entry/edit of aliases. I’m not going to do multiple UI actions for each of my 400+ (and growing) aliases:

FastMail has a limit of 600 aliases plus 15 for every full email account: See
{triple dub} fastmail {dot} com {slash} help {slash} account {slash} limits.html
(Sorry. This site only allows two links per post.)

So, FastMail is not really a viable option to switch to. SmarterMail based mail hosts are an option, but they also don’t have a bulk entry/edit option. It’s painful.

If they do indeed disable all forwarding, that will be a major game changer for me. I’ve still been able to setup new forwards for new accounts, so I’m not sure what the switch is (maybe it’s based upon which mail server you’re hosted on).

For a number of reasons, I wanted to go back to a catch-all account. Using ForwardEmail.net I was able to setup a subdomain which a single purpose of a catch-all. I created a brand new email account to capture those emails. It’s working so far.

Strictly “Forward Only” addresses are still available, and there is no reason they would ever be removed. What went missing was the ability to create a fully hosted address with “Also Forward To: x, y, z” options.

Ahh. Yes, THAT feature. Definitely annoying that it was gone. What I ended up doing was creating an unused (as in not an email address I’ll share) mailbox, then set a forwarding email address to that one AND a second box. The first is the “archive”, and the second is my daily use one. In my case it was easy in that the box was new and wasn’t converting.

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