DreamHost reliable?

Is dreamhost reliable? Are they good?
I use alot of diskspace and alot of bandwidth
i mean alot! Maybe around 60GB BW…
so yea…is dreamhost reliable?

I don’t use as much bandwidth as you, but I have several clients on dreamhost, and I haven’t noticed any downtime, and no one has complained.

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Do you use a lot of CPU?

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If you use that much of bandwidth 60GB, shared hosting may not be your choice. If the bandwidth and reliability are very important to your website, you may want to consider dedicated server. If they are not crucial, DH is able to support you with the disk space and bandwidth as they promise. Just you are on shared server.

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Well 60 BW isnt much…i dont use alot of CPU…well i use about 10% CPU…

I use about 6GB/month, which seems like a trickle. 60/month is about 2 per day, which isn’t that much, either.


I don’t work at Dreamhost but from what I’ve read on the forums here it seems like that’s about how much CPU a shared account can use up before it starts triggering flags. They do have the Private Servers now, and the first week they’ll monitor the account to see what kind of resources it will need - and adjust the account for that. Not sure about the details on the PS, but I do think you might be pushing the CPU limits of a shared account.

Then again, not sure about that either :wink:

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