DreamHost Questons

how are the dream host speeds? i am planning to register with dreamhost, but i need something reliable. i am planning to turn the site into a file host (mainly image hosting), so people will be linking from all over so i need some good speeds.

i like the fact that dreamhost increases bandwidth and file space every week, that was the “main” reason i want to become a dreamhost member. does bandwidth/file space ever stop going up?

does dreamhost support file hosting? i read in some posts that they don’t all certain content, what is that content? is there a link?

  1. hundreds KB/s
    depend on time and where you are

no, it’s growing every weeks :wink:

As long as you don’t use the cpu too much (compress many pictures on the fly for instance) it’s ok.

But remember, it’s shared hosting,
don’t launch a dropload/yousendit service on it :wink:

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[quote]how are the dream host speeds?


Networks are fast, and CPUs are even faster.

[quote]does bandwidth/file space ever stop going up?


Only when it reaches a few times the capacity of the world’s supply.

[quote]does dreamhost support file hosting?


Files forever!

http://www.google.com/search?q=dreamhost files forever

They need more support help.
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It is very important that you know the difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Many people tend to think that it is all about money and that there is no problem in using a shared host to anything just because dedicated hosting was to expensive.

I have a friend that owns a discussion forum. He has five servers running just for that forum. Four of them is for load balanced PHP. The fifth machine is for the database. He wouldn’t survive a single day on DreamHost because he would use to much CPU resources.

Keep an eye on the CPU resources report (enable it in the panel). If it gets to high (around maybe 60 CPU minutes a day), you need to start looking for dedicated hosting.

I’m going to have to agree with bjornl, you might want to look into dedicated hosting especially if you want to host a file sharing website.

I’m learning Internetworking CCNA right now and become more and more interested in the hardware world. We all NEED FOR SPEED. But how to achieve it. The speed of IO process. The speed of CPU. The size of buffer. They are really interesting.

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I’ve found the speed of my sites to be generally very good since being with DreamHost, however speeds can vary from server to server, so YMMV.

Well I suppose it has to stop going up at some point :slight_smile: , but my quota has been going up weekly since I’ve been here and I expect that to continue for the foreseeable future. These days I forget all about the quotas, for my purposes they might as well be unlimited.

You can host just about anything, as long as it is legal according to the laws of the United States.


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The exceptions include Mary Kate and Ashley fan sites. You have to have standards.


but there is a law against such sites, isn’t there? If not, there should be. :stuck_out_tongue:


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This is happening more and more. Due to the high specs most people think that disk and bandwith are the only things that matter, and they really have no fault at not knowing that other resources usage like cpu, memory are even more important, and it’s tough to give an estimate about if it will work ok or not…

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two more questions

is it possible to set bandwidth limitations on folders with dreamhost?

is it possible to set reserved file space to a specific folder? say someone buys more file space from me, then i upgrade with dreamhost (buy my 10MB), and set that amount to the folder of the person who bought the space. is this possible?

After a fashion, it is possible. On Dreamhost, you can “throttle” bandwidth by “domain”, so by tying a domain to a particular user, and a user to a directory, you can have the same effect. It’s a slightly different process, but still works.

Like the first answer above, it works a little differently than that, but you can do what you want. DH allows you to set disk storage quota’s by user, rather than directories, so you simply tie the user to a given directory, and then limit/raise that user’s quota. Since the user can only write to a directory he/she “owns”, the net effect is pretty much the same.