DreamHost PS? When to use it?

I see that DreamHost is offering a DreamHost PS. But I’m puzzled… When should my site be big enough to need a DreamHost PS? I mean, will DH disable my web site and tell me my web site has so much traffic that I need a DreamHost PS? Or can my site grow indefinitely on a shared hosting account? (I doubt no). Do people use the minimum resources such as 150 MHz and 150 MB? Isn’t it so low? Or maybe it is only for the new processes? (doesn’t count the system RAM/CPU usage). If it’s only for Apache, Ftp server, MySQL and Perl, Python and PHP, then it’s nice :slight_smile:

It is all up to you.

I’m sure you estimated your website traffic. If your website has a lot of visitors in and out very often, you may need DH PS.

In the meanwhile, you can always check your website uptime, if the uptime is unstable or too bad, you are in a bad server (no luck). You may either send alarm to DH Admin or consider to have DH PS.

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Thanks. So far, I have 100% uptime over the last three months. I’ll wait.