Dreamhost PS: suitable for plone?



I have a project using plone and have been shopping for a decent hosting provider. It’s clear that the standard Dreamhost shared service does not work for plone, but to my unpracticed eye it looks like the new Dreamhost PS service will (http://www.dreamhostps.com/). Has anyone tried it yet? Care to share your experience?




The main issue with Plone is that it runs on top of Zope. You’re right in that it’s a no go on normal shared accounts. Support did mention 5 years ago that it would be possible on a dedicated server (they didn’t have PS back then).

I did a search and didn’t come up with anyone successfully running Zope, but then again PS has only been around for 6 months so I wouldn’t expect Zope to have come up yet, given it’s unfortunate relative obscurity. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I think this is something you should contact pre-sales support on at the following url:

Even then, I’d bet that you’d have to try it out during the 97 day money-back guarantee period as I suspect that there may not be anyone else with that configuration here.

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Thanks for the response Lensman.
I have contacted support about it but I figured I’d better ask here too as they likely don’t know everything that has or has not been tried inside the virtuals. I’ll summarise their response back to the forum here in case anyone else comes searching with the same question.



The relevant snippet from my conversation with DH:

[quote]It is easy/painless to migrate from Shared to PS, and no or little
intervention is needed from the Dreamhost side (i.e. I can do it myself
using the provided control panel tools)


DH: Correct!

[quote]However to switch from PS to
Shared is a manual process, needs to be conducted by DH staff, and
depending on the particular applications running on a site may not even
be possible without trimming and/or dropping some features.


DH: This is also true. We just have to make sure that you’re ready to play
nice with the other users on the machine, that’s all!

[quote]Has anyone tried Plone on one of these yet?


DH: Not that I have heard of, but it is known to be just a bit CPU intensive.
You’re going to want to start this application on a DreamHost PS, as I
don’t see it playing too well with the other users on a shared system.
Please let me know if you need anything else!