Dreamhost PS - Query

I am considering the Dreamhost PS setup but have a couple of queries and concerns. I currently have a shared hosting account, Domains Hosted: 33 plus 10 subdomains, Web Server: atlantic - MySQL Server: joecool.

I’m barely using anything of my disk usage (651.2 GB) and bandwidth (13,072 GB). But none of my sites are really anything heavy. I’m hopefully setting up an auction site and am seriously considering the Dreamhsot PS service. Could somebody give me some pointers if they are using this service and why they took it and if it performs for them.

Could this be explained as well as I’m concerned about my other sites having to be reconfigured or something if they are moved.

“…Important Note: If you order a PS, your entire shared hosting account is moved over to it, hook, line, and sinker. …”

I was under the impression a Dreamhost PS only supports 1 Website.

“…This means that each process serves one simultaneous connection and uses significant amount of memory for that, thus limiting concurrent user count…”

So would it be recommended to keep the majority of my sites on shared hosting and just move this one (if that’s possible) or… I don’t know. The other thing is because this will be an auction site most of the info is held in the database so would a PS make any difference, should I just hold out for Mysql PS?

Some info and advice would really be appreciated guys just so I know I’m making the right decision.


Site will be using phpprobid (being modded as we speak)
Site www.glosbid.com

Feel free to test - site is not live yet.

I have Dreamhost PS because I didn’t want to risk my sites being down or unresponsive due to the server being bogged down by other users on my server.

I just have a few WordPress installs, a wiki and for a while I had a small phpBB.

[quote]Could this be explained as well as I’m concerned about my other sites having to be reconfigured or something if they are moved.

“…Important Note: If you order a PS, your entire shared hosting account is moved over to it, hook, line, and sinker. …”

I was under the impression a Dreamhost PS only supports 1 Website.[/quote]
Nope, your entire account is moved over. You only get one server, but that server is a virtual host for all your sites.

Note that support has told us that you can have one PS account and one regular account. I’m not sure of the logistics of getting that set up.

That depends on what you think would be more economical for you and also whether you care whether all your sites are running off of one server. Personally, I’d recommend putting all your mission-critical sites on your PS account and have your more casual sites on a regular shared account. Of course, this argument only applies if you want to use PS for reliability.

You really need to either benchmark your application to analyze its performance under a number of different conditions and load. This information will tell you where the performance bottlenecks will be for your application under the loads you expect. If you expect the web server to be your bottleneck, get PS for that. If you expect the database to be your bottleneck, get PS for that.

Note that this only makes sense if you’re getting PS for dedicated resources because you expect your app to use more resources than are allowed under a normal shared account.

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Coupla/three cents…

  1. An auction site requires it’s own server(s) - don’t have anything else running.

  2. Web Server and SQL, even if both are on the same machine. It’s all good and fine to have your webserver at 99% uptime, but throw in a shared SQL and you’re screwed when you’re entire site depends on that SQL connectivity to be performing at it’s peak during that 99% uptime.

  3. The dedicated market is competitive, shop around.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

Well it seems that my config has been checked and a Dreamhost PS is not required - Thanks for your comments I will maybe look into a PS in the future as and when the site does require more.

I do agree that there is a wide market out there regarding hosting etc, but from my experience although not usually a good idea to keep all your eggs in one basket. DH has everything I need and I’m sure they will provide anything I require in the future.

I do have one site hosted outside DH because I needed ioncube and the setup for this seemed a little over my head.

Thanks again.

Starting stopwatch…waiting for first “MY SERVER’S DOWN AND I’M LOOSING MONEY!!!” post.

You started a thread on General Troubleshooting about your site(s) being unresponsive or slow. All the replies advised you to get dedicated hosting for your venture. I don’t think anybody made this perfectly clear, but:

Your site WILL go down from time to time.

Be prepared. Even 99.9% is 8.5 hours of outage per year.


Yes I agree… but apart from paying for a service that runs on generators if there is a power failure and/or a backup switch over system if there is a hardware fault I don’t think I’m going to find that anywhere for what I’m paying here. Hopefully the site will kick off and the money earned will enable me to afford this type of service, now that would be great :smiley:

I rarely have issues, it just coincided with setting up this site and it worried me, I’ll just have to put something in the TOS that there is a possibility that this can happen to cover myself.


As I’ve said, I have really good uptime here, but it’s not business critical. Hopefully your TOS plus some sort of recovery mechanism will help. I know you mentioned the name of the software you’re working on. Does it have any sort of mechanism for pausing the site for an outage?