Dreamhost PS - Query

I am considering the Dreamhost PS setup but have a couple of queries and concerns. I currently have a shared hosting account, Domains Hosted: 33 plus 10 subdomains, Web Server: atlantic - MySQL Server: joecool.

I’m barely using anything of my disk usage (651.2 GB) and bandwidth (13,072 GB). But none of my sites are really anything heavy. I’m hopefully setting up an auction site and am seriously considering the Dreamhsot PS service. Could somebody give me some pointers if they are using this service and why they took it and if it performs for them.

Could this be explained as well as I’m concerned about my other sites having to be reconfigured or something if they are moved.

“…Important Note: If you order a PS, your entire shared hosting account is moved over to it, hook, line, and sinker. …”

I was under the impression a Dreamhost PS only supports 1 Website.

“…This means that each process serves one simultaneous connection and uses significant amount of memory for that, thus limiting concurrent user count…”

So would it be recommended to keep the majority of my sites on shared hosting and just move this one (if that’s possible) or… I don’t know. The other thing is because this will be an auction site most of the info is held in the database so would a PS make any difference, should I just hold out for Mysql PS?

Some info and advice would really be appreciated guys just so I know I’m making the right decision.


Site will be using phpprobid (being modded as we speak)
Site www.glosbid.com

Feel free to test - site is not live yet.

A few gotcha’s with Dreamhost PS.

-There is a long waiting list when I signed up a few months ago, it took quite a few weeks to get going.

-You’re still “shared” as in, what other users do particularly to the disk you’re still affected by. I’ve had more outages due to IO thrashing on PS then I ever did on a shared account.

-Overall, I kind of wish I would have went to slicehost, since I’m paying quite a bit for PS and I don’t even have root on the box to fix issues…

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