DreamHost PS (Private Servers) promo


hi i’ve been using DH for years now, and i just got your newsletter with the DreamHost PS (Private Servers) promo.

i’m thinking about upgrading but i wanted to know…
Would I be able to install Flash media Server 3-4 on it?

i’m streaming a good amount of video and i have to use another hosting company “Edgecast” for this service. I would rather have everything in one place ala Dreamhost.

thanks for your time.


We are just customers like you here.

We know that DH supports realplayer streaming and quicktime streaming.

I’m not sure about flash streaming.

I think it is better to ask DH whether you are able to have install that on your PS via DH panel --> Support --> Contact Support or http://www.dreamhost.com/contact.cgi

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No, you’ll need RedHat Linux Enterprise or a Windows box to remain compatible.

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