DreamHost PS Private Server Woes - Sites Down

Apparently DreamHost selected the worst possible time to switch me over to the Private Server I requested months ago. All of my sites are now down and have been down for hours. Anyone have any advice?

I don’t have PS, but could this possibly be the result of the actual switch occurring? I thought someone mentioned that there was downtime involved with the changeover. Hopefully your sites are working now.


I am in the exact same boat – why isn’t this happening on a weekend?

I have clients in the middle of a site Q.A. and the sites have been down for almost 10 hours now without any updates or fixes from our support tickets.

It’s really the worst timing for us as well.

I is a real pain to have to have downtime, particularly unscheduled downtime.

I was down for about 4 hours when I got switched over.

BTW, I think if dreamhost only did PS transfers over the weekend, the waits for PS would be 5-20 times as long because that’s less opportunity for the transfer team plus I’m sure they have less people working weekend shifts than weekday shifts.

Actually, there are people whose sites are only active on the weekends so it might not work out to do all transfers over the weekend.

On a brighter note, I’m sure once the transfer fee goes to $100 we’ll be able to schedule the transfers for a particular time.

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I had the same problems. Coupled with the fact I wasn’t online that day, and that the transfer was only half done and they only finished it manually once I complained.

I guess we should as them to at least send us and email inquiry to clear the transfer. Or at least list this option on the subscription page.

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i know this sound naive but is the transfer why i haven’t been able to access my email for the last 12 hours?

What hostname do you use from your email client or are you using webmail?

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