DreamHost PS & other accounts


I have a couple of questions about PS.

  • I like the graphs that DH provides, but I’m wondering if there is a way I can have my sites monitored for load time, speed, etc. without me logging into the panel. Does anyone know of a service or a script that could do this?
  • I’m also wondering if it is possible for DH Support to move a domain & site from another panel account to my PS.

Thanks for any info you can provide!

Colin Pritchard
Rocket No. 9

To the second question. I’d say you should ask Support directly and see if they could do it. So long as you own both accounts, I dont see why they couldnt or wouldnt do it.

To the first. You could do it in any number of ways. You could actually create your own script using PHP and cURL (my preferred method) to login to the panel and pull the data listed. The second way that comes to mind is a few programs that monitor for you. If your on a PS, as I suspect you are, you could monitor speeds with any number of programs, http://www.kernel.org/bwbar.html is my favorite but might not work right on a PS. It might even show a whole server utilization. I’d say in the email to support, you ask about this as well. Most of the support crew will try to help you a bit, and may even recommend a program or two.

Load times, as in page load times? I’d say the easiest way is a simple addon to your existing scripts that checks script execution times. then pop the end result into a table and go from there. The downfall i see to this is the massive number of rows involved as each page load would do its own row. you could solve that by making 2 tables, one for a 24hr period that keeps the data for 24hrs so you can get individual stats (having a cron delete older then 24hr stats every hour or 2). the second table can be one massive int and another int (first is total time of all execution, update set extime = extime + $new) and the second if total execs (exs = exs +1). then you can just do basic math to get the overall page load times for your site.

personally, I like to run scripts to test site speeds somewhere else, on another server. but thats actual speed. not page load times or server loads or even current utilization. just plain old 10mb file takes .5s to download, etc etc.

I’ll try and answer whatever questions you have. I’m sort of asleep right now as I’m on 4 hours of sleep in the past 2 days, so i’m on fumes.

–John V


Thank you so much for all the info. I will definitely check with support on these things.

yeah, I’m on PS and trying to figure out how to monitor the usage of my allocated RAM and CPU without logging into the panel. I’m primarily worried about the PS resources being maxed out and not finding out about it until a client emails me to ask why their site is so slow. :slight_smile:

Your tips have given me a great starting place. I will copy what you said and send it over to my programmer, who (to me at least) is a genius with PHP, Linux, SSH, and all those other programmer type things. (I’m a designer, so this stuff is not up my alley).

Thank you again. Hope you get some rest!! :slight_smile:


Colin Pritchard
Rocket No. 9

Thanks, I managed a few hours so I’m a little better off now :slight_smile:

Have him look into http://phpsysinfo.sourceforge.net/ … It’s open source so he can modify, include and play with it as he pleases. I used it in the past on dedicated servers so I could consolidate all server data (for 12 servers) in one location fairly quick with a small cron script.

What I’m worried about is how it would show what you have and whats left since its a PS and not a dedicated. I assume that since your ram is set to X, but burstable to Y, it will show Y as your max value. In that case, I would just put it together to show something like below.
Current Ram Use: *MB/XMB (typed in by hand).
Burstable Max: YMB

Loads might show in the same manner. Your load based on your burstable limit.

So since I cant actually test it since I’m not sure what VPS DH uses, I would say this one might be good for your programmer.

Between that and phpsysinfo, you might be able to get some reasonable data from it.

I went looking a little further into it and found this site



… It seems by what he’s showing as his data set there, the PS might only be reporting his ram to him. More then likely, he’s signed up for the basic 150 and its showing his burstable double that. It might be that he’s signed up for 200 and showing 150%. I dont think they’d allow a burstable to be double, but they might. Never hurts to ask.

Also, I was just too blind to spot it at the time :slight_smile:
PS uses VServer

That above should help you optimize the site a bit, a minor bit, but a bit. It should actually help you with stats as well. I’ll probably throw a VServer install on my Sabayon desktop in a few days and see how well it works out.

–John V