Dreamhost PS + MySQL PS Package?

I like the idea of the PS plans, but I want to have a VPS where my email, web, and mysql is dedicated. I run several forums, 15 customer websites and 100+ email addresses.

The forums and my customer’s are all tied into mySQL databases.

it would do no good for me to have a dedicated web process and blazing response time, if I still have to wait for mySQL to continue on the overburdened server.

I want a PS where I can have all my functions dedicated like some other companies offer.

I dont want to have to deal with moving every single thing I host over to a new company if I can find a way to make it work with Dreamhost.

As Miikka pointed out to me in another thread, DreamHost now has PS for your web server and your MySQL server.

Email is still shared.

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yeah, but Im not willing to put down $90/month for both and still have shared email, when I can use something like liquidweb and I can get it all for $60

plus, what about the current monthly fee? Am I still paying that or is that rolled into the price of PS?

From what I understand, PS works like a partial dedicated server.

If shared server is not enough for you, you may want to consider to have a dedicated server.

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How are you paying $90 a month at DreamHost? I could see $10 for L1 hosting, $15 for PS web hosting (128MB) and $15 a month for a PS MySQL service (128MB). That’s $50 as compared to a liquidweb 256MB VPS at $60. And of course there are obvious differences between the pure dedicated storage at liquidweb and the oversold yet available storage and bandwidth at DreamHost.

The other thing that kind of makes this apples to oranges is that DreamHost is actually offering dedicated resources on a managed hosting plan rather than a pure VPS. DreamHost will manage the OS, Apache, php, etc, if you don’t want to. This is a plus if you don’t want to manage it - but obviously not a plus if you actually want to have root access and be sysadmin.

You still have to pay for a hosting plan. (see my example above).

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