DreamHost PS + Mongrel help


Hey, I’ve just enabled Mongrel + Proxy for my Rails application. It’s working fine so far, except a few things I took for granted are now missing.

I used to have a rewrite url exclusion for /stats so I could get into the stats directory… doesn’t work anymore.

Does Mongrel sit behind Apache? I thought it was Apache --> Mongrel, am I wrong?

The wiki says I can delete the proxy server and use mod_rewrite instead… would anyone have any examples?


Did you ever have any luck with this? I am trying to move my rails app to mongrel and would love any info you discovered.


Mongrel is a web server (and application server) as well, so it replaces apache.

.htaccess is ineffective, thus ignoring mod_rewrite rules.

I never liked the auto-rewrite DH does for /stats/ – almost all apps use mod_rewrite now. It should be on a separate port instead.