Dreamhost PS eating memory crazy

I noticed that in the past couple of weeks, my sites have been eating a boatload of resources even though my traffic has not increased at all. It seems the trouble is Lenny. Since going to Lenny (Dreamhost just notified me that happened to my servers), my PHP processes are taking more RAM and are crashing my private server. I increased memory and still getting screwed. Anyone know why this could be an issue? I am clueless as why with no increase in traffic we have gone from Max 600 MB ram usage to 1200+. No new sites, no new scripts, no changes on my side, no nothing. Crazy. Any help is appreciated.

I’ve had the same problem. It started to occur at the beginning of this month just like you. My PS started to use 300-500% more memory than the previous month. A reboot calms things back down to normal resource levels but it seems to climb back up again.

I know the vhost for my PS was screwed-up the other day with downtime of just over an hour before they got it back online. Something is not quite right.

I’ve noticed this too. Since 7 September my PS memory usage is up around 100-200% :frowning: